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TGIF & Weather Fail

TGIF!! After a long week, I am so happy that it is Friday!! 

I rocked my workouts this week and am so excited for this weekend, my long run, and warmer temps.

Can we talk for a minute about the weather fail this week?!  There was SO much hype yesterday about the snow storm that was “supposed” to hit us. I was SO ready for a snow day, and was convinced that it was going to happen. I excitedly woke up yesterday, expecting to see snow, opened up our shade, and saw….


Like, not even one single flake of snow. Fail!

Ok- regroup- I decided that if it is not going to snow, then I will be excited about spring and the beautiful weather that is expected this weekend.  Bring on the spring.

Then- I woke up this morning to a surprise winter wonderland.  What the heck?

Weather fail!!


Last night my mom and I went to Weight Watchers (I lost 1.6 lbs- yay!), and then to our favorite sandwich shop for dinner. We have been going to this sandwich shop after WW for the past couple of months and we just love it.  The owners are so sweet and the food is shut-your-mouth good.  The owner brought us a complimentary creme burlee to share at the end of our meal- so sweet (literally)! 

My sister, Ree, and Beeker joined us.  Beeker had the “Big Daddy” sandwich- meatloaf, mac& cheese, caramelized onions, and BBQ.  Oh, to eat like a man.


The “Big Daddy”

I had my usual turkey on wheat that was just as delicious with probably half the calories, ha.


Today is my day off, so I only ran my 1 mile this morning.  Since I had extra time, I decided to treat myself to a veggie omelet and potatoes for breakfast.


I packed a light lunch of salad and crock pot veggies for lunch- we have a dinner party with church tonight that I want to save my points up for!

Happy Friday! 🙂


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