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Snow Days

When I was little, the two sweetest words that I could hear my mom say on a cold winter morning were, “snow day.”  Seriously glorious. I have memories of obsessively watching the news forecast, asking my parents to make a prediction for us, and sleeping with my pajamas inside out for good luck.  I lived for snow days and loved every single sweet second of that unexpected day off.

Now that I am a teacher, I love them even more.  Waking up to an email that my school is closed is like reliving every snow day of my childhood x 100.

We did not have one single snow day last year, nor have we had one this year.  To be honest, I was initially really made about this fact.  What the heck?  However, I decided this year that it is okay with me.  I know that most professions do not get snow days, so I decided that it was high time for me to put on my big girl pants, get over the lack of snow, and just go to work.

Until this weekend.

On Saturday I heard that there is a potential for snow on Wednesday.  Juuuust when I thought I had those big girl pants securely on, the thought of having a snow day this week has sent me into an excited, child-ike frenzy.

It just never gets old.

You better believe that I will be sleeping with my pjs inside-out.  I may even be a little crazy and put a spoon under my pillow.  Yup- I’m officially 9 years old again.


Last night Beeker made the most divine ham, bean, and spinach soup.  I loved it because it was like a lighter traditional ham and bean soup because it had a vegetable broth.  He put it in the crock pot to cook, and it was perfect by the time we got home from church in the evening.


I had a salad and a piece of butter bread with the soup- the perfect dinner for a cold night!

This morning I got up and did 1 mile and Jillian yoga meltdown. It felt really good to stretch and was a great way to start my day.  I am ready to run again tomorrow!

I had my usual oatmeal for breakfast and crock pot lunch of refried beans, vegetables, and egg whites.  When I got home I was so hungry, so I had a little bowl of the ham and bean soup and a handful of cereal to hold me over for dinner.

Right now I am waiting for Beeker to get back from the produce store before we can eat. I made bruschetta chicken that smells so.dang.good. I am anxiously awaiting his return!

Until then, I will be pushing refresh on the radar map to try and gauge my chances of a snow day! 😉


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