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Long run report

Today I had 17 miles on tap.

I thought about it all week- my longest run during this training cycle- and I was definitely nervous going in.

Luckily, my friend Sam met me at my favorite park to run the first 10 miles with me.  Sam is such a great running partner.  I loved running and chatting with her- it made the miles go by so quickly! Sam and I went to high school together, lost touch through college, and have recently reconnected. I am so happy that we did! She is the best and our friendship is so natural.  Even though we go long periods without seeing each other, we seem to just pick right back up where we were.  I love that. And, she is a runner- what could be better?!  I really enjoyed our run and was nervous about how I would do once I left her.  

Sam showed me a new route that I decided to circle back and do again for variety.  So, I basically ran the same loop twice, which is great because this mimics the marathon course. I felt really strong in the beginning of the second part.  However, by mile 14, I was realllly missing my Beeker on the bike next to me.  He is such a great coach during the last couple of miles. I wanted to be done and I needed more water.  Marathoning is obviously extremely physical, but it is also such a mental game…. SUCH a mental game.  By mile 14-15 I was really digging deep. I slowed down at the end, but overall I was pretty happy with the run and with my pacing. 

Avg Pace
Summary 2:45:25.7 17.00 9:44
1 9:35.4 1.00 9:35
2 9:27.4 1.00 9:27
3 10:09.8 1.00 10:10
4 9:26.1 1.00 9:26
5 9:13.9 1.00 9:14
6 9:35.4 1.00 9:35
7 10:06.3 1.00 10:06
8 9:54.4 1.00 9:54
9 9:43.6 1.00 9:44
10 9:23.3 1.00 9:23
11 9:39.2 1.00 9:39
12 9:27.3 1.00 9:27
13 9:44.5 1.00 9:44
14 9:50.0 1.00 9:50
15 9:44.8 1.00 9:45
16 9:55.4 1.00 9:55
17 10:28.8 1.00 10:29

I was surprised by how sore I was when I finished! Holy cow, my legs hurt so bad!! I called my sister and was lamenting about how I could never run 9 more miles today to make a full marathon. No way.  My sister reminded me that I don’t HAVE to run a marathon today, I just had to do 17 miles- which I did.  That is the whole point of training- to build up to 26.2. Duh.

After stretching I hightailed it to Wawa to get some fresh fruit and an extra salty soft pretzel. Yum. For lunch, I refueled with chicken, vegetables, and potatoes.

Now I have a hot date with my foam roller.  I hope I am not sore tomorrow!!

Happy Saturday 🙂

New Shoe Day!

One of the coolest things about me and Beeker is that we are “official” shoe testers for Runner’s World Magazine.  Pretty sweet, huh? We get a new pair of running shoes to wear 4 times each year.  The shoes are samples from the shoe companies of shoes that will be coming out in the next season.  We wear them for about a month, evaluate them, and fill out a survey for Runner’s World- who uses them in their “Shoe Guide” quarterly feature.  It is a pretty sweet deal to get free sneaks each season- it works out perfectly because we always get our new shoes right around the time that I need them.  Being testers has been such an incredible blessing to us, since we run so much and go through so many pairs of shoes, we have been able to save so much money.  

I love new shoe day!

Here are my new kicks (Asics):


These babies are going to carry me to marathon glory.

And, here are Beeker’s (Brooks):




I am particularly excited tonight because Beeker’s new sneaks have motivated him to start running with me in the morning again…yessssss.  I love early morning runs outside; however, I will only venture out at 4 am if Brian is with me.  I’m a wuss with stuff like that. Tomorrow morning I have 8 miles on tap- my longest distance before work!  Words cannot even begin to express how happy I will be to run outside instead on my awful treadmill.  For it to work, I MUST be out the door and running AT 4 am- which means an early bedtime tonight.  Having new shoes to run in will be great motivation to get up and out early tomorrow morning.


How often do you get new running/workout shoes?

Are you scared to run alone in the dark?

Long Run Report

Yesterday I had 13.1 miles on the books.  Going into the run, I had two goals:

  1. Don’t go out too fast.  I struggle with this a lot during a race.  Especially when I am properly rested and fueled, it is so hard to hold myself back at the beginning of a run/race because I feel SO good.  It is sometimes hard to remember in the first couple of miles that I need to save energy for the end! A negative split is perfect: go conservative at the beginning, and turn it on towards the end. The last thing that I want to happen in my marathon is to use all of my energy up too soon and feel dead at the end.
  2. Proper pacing.  I read that most marathoners make the same mistake while training: running their long runs too fast and running their speed work too slow.  I really want to work on this to make sure that my runs have variety.  It is so easy to just go out and “run” however I am feeling that day.  By forcing myself to run fast or run slow and steady, I am training my body in the best way to prepare for the marathon.

It is just so crazy how much prep goes into running a marathon!

Anyway, here are my mile splits:

Avg Pace
Summary 1:59:56.1 13.11 9:09
1 9:14.5 1.00 9:14
2 9:01.4 1.00 9:01
3 9:25.5 1.00 9:26
4 9:22.4 1.00 9:22
5 9:33.4 1.00 9:33
6 9:23.8 1.00 9:24
7 9:13.2 1.00 9:13
8 9:13.5 1.00 9:13
9 9:10.5 1.00 9:11
10 9:11.9 1.00 9:12
11 9:04.0 1.00 9:04
12 8:42.7 1.00 8:43
13 8:30.0 1.00 8:30
14 :49.5 0.11 7:48 

Overall, I am really happy with this run.  The course I ran is pretty hilly- with the last 2.5 miles TOTALLY UPHILL. Even with the hills, I was able to run a negative split and run the second half a lot faster than the first.  I started out too fast in the first couple of miles and forced myself to slow down early on. Right around mile 10 I realized that I could probably finish at or just under 2 hours, so I picked up my pace to make it happen.  It was a fun challenge, but I was probably going too fast at the end for just a training run. However, since it was a “shorter” long run, I felt safe picking it up a bit.  Next weekend I have 17 miles to do.  I certainly do not plan on running my 17 miler at a 9:09 pace.  Instead, I want to slow down to around 9:30- a long sloooww run.  

Overall, I am feeling good and thank God for running! I feel so blessed to be able to do this. I love the challenge, setting goals, and seeing myself improve.


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an awful (and very humbling) 7 miler that I had.  There is a huge hill by our house that Beeker and I call “the widowmaker,” because it is such a beast.  During that 7 miler, the widowmaker definitely got the best of me. Even though it was not a good run, I learned that I need to make sure that I am properly fueling for my runs and am able to pace myself. I wrote about the run here. I finished the run in 1:06:18, but felt completely trashed.

Ever since then, I have avoided the widowmaker.  It got in my head. Nope, I did not want to do it again. Last week I ran *past* the hill, and avoided looking at it- as if somehow it “knew” that I was intimated by it- I felt like it was taunting me. So silly.

Well, today I had 7 miles on the books and was lucky enough to be able to run in beautiful 75 degree weather.  I laced up my shoes and thought- widowmaker- I’m coming for ya.  I was determined to take back that hill and make it mine.

And I did. 

7 miles done in 1:01:57.

Vindicated- and it feels good!

A Jolly Holly Day

Today was a great day. I woke up around 5:30, had some breakfast, and was out the door to run by 6:15.

It was glorious.

I love running as the sun is coming up, and it is always fun to watch my neighborhood wake up and come to life as I run.  My neighborhood is super hilly, so it adds a little bit of a challenge to my runs.  I finished 9 miles in 1:22:10 and I was in the door before 8 am. Love it.

Afterwards I went to meet my sister to pick up Holly.  We had such a fun day with her!! I took her to a jewelry party at my friends house for about an hour. She was so good and I loved showing her off 🙂  After the party we spent the rest of the day at home- playing and snuggling.


Having fun with Uncle Beek!


I love her perfect posture


Eating lunch


Can I eat lunch with her everyday?


“Aunt Heidi- enough with the pictures.”


My failed attempt at getting us both in a shot!

As I wait for my baby(ies), it blesses my heart so much to be able to spend time with my nieces and nephews.  They are like a little dose of heaven and remind me that my time will come.  I am so lucky to have their little faces to kiss!! 🙂

My mom surprised me this afternoon with a little Easter present for Bella and her brother or sister.



My mom said that the flower represents how our babies are sprouted in our heart. Seriously so sweet.  My mom gets me. I love that she is always thinking of our babies and encourages me each and every day. Clearly, my mom is the best.

We topped off a great day with a great dinner.


Tomato pie!

Day 1 of my 9 day break= a tough one to beat!

What was awesome about your Saturday?

Remember how it feels to be done.

Man, this week has been relentless.  I was still battling the sinus infection and then I got pink eye.  So gross. I thought only 3rd graders got pink eye? Jeez Louise.

I was feeling really run-down (no pun intended, ha) last night, so I decided to sleep in this morning and push my workout to the afternoon. I *though*t that sleeping an extra hour would  help me to wake up refreshed and feeling better.

When the alarm went off at 5, I sluggishly hopped in the shower and began getting ready for work.  It felt SO WEIRD not to run.  It is so funny how acclimated my body has become to running first thing in the morning.  Not moving this morning felt as weird as not showering or not brushing my teeth- it just felt off.  I felt this way all day- like I never quite woke up.

By the time I got home, I was ready to just run my mile and call it quits for the day.  For me, the problem with working out in the afternoon is that I have the entire day to talk myself out of it.

My training schedule had me doing 3 miles today- which is NBDl- but my motivation was just really lacking. It is so funny how the little workouts are the ones that sometimes get to me. As I contemplated blowing off my training run, I thought to myself,

“Remember how it feels to be done.”

3 miles – 27 minutes- and it would feel so good to be DONE- knowing I had a good workout and did not blow it off. I knew that I would regret not completing my run.

So, I laced up my shoes and decided to run fast- shake it out- and have fun.  This, I thought, is what running is all about- a chance to clear my mind and remind myself that I am strong.

I grabbed my Garmin,turned up my tunes, and was out the door- feeling tired strong and determined.

When I stepped out the door, I was greeted by a cool breeze and sunny skies.  Perfect. Smiling, I began.  This was going to be a good run.

Until I started running down the street, into the wind. Seriously, that “little” cool breeze that greeted me when I walked out the door turned into a beastly freezing wall, which was trying to get me to quit. And, it was doing a good job.

Again, I thought- Remember how it feels to be done. Just keep going. Lock and load.  Almost there.  You can do it.  I was channeling all of the motivational catch phrases that I see on signs while running a race. This “positive self-talk” was both motivating and incredibly annoying.

Since I was running an up-and-back, I was convinced that I would be rewarded for my battle with the wind on the way back.  I thought that when I turned around, the wind would be at my back and it would help to propel me forward. With a wind like that pushing me, I could run like a track star.

Until I turned around.

I was still fighting that beastly wind.  How is that possible? I felt like a weird old person who talks about “walking uphill both ways” to school.  How can the wind be against me both ways?

Despite wanting to quit- I pushed against that wind- dreaming of how nice it would be to walk through my front door.

27 minutes later, I opened my front door- sweating, with numb hands, wind-blown hair, and the biggest smile on my face.

I was done- and it felt GOOD.


What motivates you to workout?

Would you rather run in the cold, wind, or rain?

To run or not to run?

Well, this sinus infection is really kicking my butt. I was praying so hard that I would wake up this morning and feel like a new woman- nope, still sick.  Boo!

I have 12 miles scheduled for today.  So, the question is: to run or not to run?

Tomorrow my day is packed, so if I am going to to do it- I must do it today.

I think I am going to try- go slow, and see what happens.  I will run around my neighborhood and loop around my house to give myself an opportunity to bail if necessary.

When this beast is over, I am parking on the couch for the rest of the day.


I knew that I wanted pasta last night to gear up for my run.  I think that a Friday night pasta tradition sounds like a great idea during my marathon training 🙂

We need to go to the produce store- so our pantry and fridge were pretty sparse.  So, I decided to get creative.

I chopped up the last onion and green pepper….


I sauteed the onions and peppers and added 2 chicken breasts to the mix with a box of frozen spinach…


I felt like it still needed “something”, so I cut up canned whole tomatoes and added them to the mix…


I combined on jar of sauce with it, and, viola! A chicken primavera sauce. It was really good and a great way to use up all of the “end of the week” stuff in our pantry and fridge.


Beeker’s plate


Hopefully the pasta gave me the fuel I need for this run! Headed out the door now!

When you are sick- do you still work out?

What is your favorite kind of pasta?


For the past 2 years, I have been in the habit of waking up at 4 am to do my run/workout before work.  It was hard at first, but now it is just “what I do”- part of my routine.  It is so nice to be done my workout for the day before 5 am.  SO NICE.

I would be lying, however, if I said that it was easy to wake up every morning.  Sometimes I am just tired, my bed is so warm, and I am so tempted to push my run off until later in the day. And, sometimes I do.

Today was one of those days where I woke up and was contemplating pushing my run off until this evening.  As I was laying in my bed deciding what I wanted to do, I checked my email and found this quote from Runner’s World:

Consistency requires discipline.  Force yourself out the door.

Thank you, Runner’s World.  This was exactly the kick in the butt that I needed to get up and get my 6 miles in before work.  I am so glad that I did.  Like I wrote on Facebook- it hurt so good.

I have been thinking a lot about the quote from Runner’s World and about being consistent.  What I realize is that my marathon is not just 26.2 miles on June 15th.  No, my marathon will be the sum of all the training runs, short and long.  It is the consistency of my training schedule and the discipline within me that will get me to the starting line.

I lost 30 lbs nearly 11 years ago and have kept it off through diet and exercise.  Yes, consistency is key- but so is discipline.  Here are some of the things that have helped me to stay consistent and disciplined:

  • Track what I eat.  Yes, I write down everything that I consume each day.  Following WW has helped me to develop this habit, and honestly, I don’t even think about it anymore.  It is just something I always do.  This helps me to stay accountable and to make sure that I am not overeating.  That is not to say that I do not mess up- duh, I love to eat and sometimes can’t even remember all of the things I shove in my pie hole during a party or at a restaurant.  However, about 90% of the time, I track.  It helps.
  • Plan ahead.  It helps me to pack my lunch and plan my meals the night before so that I have a general idea of what I am eating and if I want to save my points for a special occasion.  Since I pack my lunch and snacks, I am not tempted to eat fattening food from the school cafeteria or on my way home from work.
  • Plan my workouts and write them in on my calendar.  One of the things that I absolutely love about training for a race is that there is a training plan to follow.  I love having my workouts planned out for me and love crossing them off of my calendar.  Even when I am not training for a race, I will plan my weekly workouts at the beginning of the week. This helps me to stay accountable.  By having it on my calendar- it becomes a priority in my day.  Also, it is more difficult to flake on a workout that is already planned out for me.
  • Work out first thing in the morning.  Once my workout is finished, I do not have the time to talk myself out of doing it.  If something unexpected comes up in the evening, it does not interfere with my workout plan.
  • Prep the night before.  This is key.  My mornings are crazy, and I have to be out the door by 6:30 am.  In order to get everything done I make sure that lunches are packed, my outfit is picked out, and things are picked up before I go to bed.  I lay everything out so that it is ready to go in the morning.  I usually sleep in my workout clothes (shorts and tank top), so that I can literally just roll out of bed and get to gettin!
  • Get back on the horse. I am never perfect.  I mess up.  I sleep in. I overeat. In the past 11 years, I have gained back some of the weight that I lost and have taken breaks from running.  However, when I have set backs, I get back on the horse.  This has been hard for me, but I have learned to accept failure and MOVE ON.  Gained 15 lbs? Ok- get back to WW, track, run, and it will come back off. Seriously, move on.  This has been one of the most valuable lessons.  Yes, consistency requires discipline.


Last night we had a meeting at church at 6:30, so I knew dinner had to be quick.  I looked in the freezer and saw that we had cooked chicken breasts (score), so I decided to sauté the chicken with peppers and onions and make chicken fajitas.


Beeker and I had them with salsa and sour cream. I decided to cut my tortilla in quarters so that they took me longer to eat.  I eat so fast that I sometimes don’t realize I am full! Cutting up my food helps me slow down the truck.


This morning after my run, I refueled with pumpkin oatmeal, coffee, and a giant cup of water.


Lunch will be my standard crock pot vegetables and greek yogurt. I wonder if I will ever get sick of my mini crock pot? I love it so much.

What helps to get you out the door?

How do you stay consistent with your exercise and diet?

To marathon or not to marathon…that is the question.

Someone please punch me in the throat.  I am *thinking* of doing something I said that I would never do again- run a marathon.

I hate that I want to do this!! 

Beeker and I ran a marathon to raise money for our adoption in the fall of 2010.  It was an amazing experience and we were blessed by so much love and support from our family and friends. 


Some of our family that came to cheer us on


Isn’t our family the greatest!?


26.2 and we’re still smiling!

Our marathon was a painful great experience- but when it was over I said that I would NEVER run one again.  To me, it was one of those things that I could cross off of my bucket list and not revisit.  I loved running, but would stick to 1/2s. I told my family that if I tried to sign up for another marathon that they should punch me in the throat.

-Commence throat punching-

And now the justification:

Lately I have been feeling really strong in my runs and so in love with the sport.

Running makes me feel strong, confident, in control.

I really really really need something else to focus on instead of waiting for the phone to ring.

The race I want to run is only $55 and is on June 1st- the perfect date to get me through the end of the school year.

I am feeling up for a crazy challenge.

Good reasons, right?

Still, I need to talk it over with my biggest fan- I need his blessing.

I will make my decision by the end of the week!!

Now, I need to run and eat dinner (I am making pasta primavera) and get ready for Bible Study tonight! 🙂

February 17th Fitness for the Week

Sunday: 1 mile (off)

Monday: 6 miles

Tuesday: 1 mile + Jillian 6 pack

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 1 mile + Jillian

Friday: 4 miles

Saturday: 8 miles 

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