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Race Report and Fitness for the Week

Yesterday was the St. Luke’s Half Marathon- a race that is near and dear to my heart.  Not only is the race super close to my house and goes through my favorite park, but it is also the first half marathon race that I ever ran (4 years ago).

This year I decided to run the race with my friend, June, from church.  June was diagnosed with MS 8 years ago.  It was truly an inspiration to run the race alongside her; to encourage one another, and to be able witness her incredible strength.  Even when her body started to turn numb, June kept running.  As she ran, she recited my favorite verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  June is the essence of strength, faith, and determination from the Lord. When we crossed the finish line together, we were both weepy.  It was an awesome race!!

Since I had 18 miles on the books yesterday, I went through the finish line and then back out to finish up my run.  I ran the last 5 miles at a pretty good pace, and it was fun to go back out to encourage other runners as they were nearing the finish line and to thank the volunteers for their hard work.

Avg Pace
Summary 3:11:42.9 18.00 10:39
1 10:18.3 1.00 10:18
2 10:16.4 1.00 10:16
3 9:55.9 1.00 9:56
4 10:32.9 1.00 10:33
5 10:16.5 1.00 10:16
6 10:37.2 1.00 10:37
7 11:08.6 1.00 11:09
8 11:31.8 1.00 11:32
9 11:43.4 1.00 11:43
10 11:43.4 1.00 11:43
11 11:58.6 1.00 11:59
12 12:26.1 1.00 12:26
13 12:41.0 1.00 12:41
14 2:35.4 0.20 13:04
15 9:38.4 1.00 9:38
16 9:07.9 1.00 9:08
17 9:04.1 1.00 9:04
18 8:47.0 1.00 8:47
19 7:20.0 0.80 9:10
Brian brought his bike along to the race so that he could see us at different points. It was also nice because he was able to bike alongside me for my last 5 miles.  
When I finished my 17 miler last weekend, I could not even imagine running a full marathon.  However, yesterday I felt strong. Yesterday I felt like, if I had to, I could have ran a full.  I think the key was that I went slow the first half.  I MUST remember this on my long runs this month and in the marathon.  Start slow- finish fast.
After the run, we met Kristianna and Holly at Icecream World for giant soft serve cones- the perfect way to refuel!
It was a blessed weekend for sure 🙂
Fitness for this week:
Sunday: 18 miles
Monday: 1 mile & maybe light yoga to stretch and recover
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 8 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 1 mile
Saturday: 13 miles
I am also committing to eating only whole foods this week.  My runs improve so much when I cut out processed foods.  I would LOVE to lose 5 lbs before my marathon.  5 lbs = less to carry with me during the run!

Long run report

Today I had 17 miles on tap.

I thought about it all week- my longest run during this training cycle- and I was definitely nervous going in.

Luckily, my friend Sam met me at my favorite park to run the first 10 miles with me.  Sam is such a great running partner.  I loved running and chatting with her- it made the miles go by so quickly! Sam and I went to high school together, lost touch through college, and have recently reconnected. I am so happy that we did! She is the best and our friendship is so natural.  Even though we go long periods without seeing each other, we seem to just pick right back up where we were.  I love that. And, she is a runner- what could be better?!  I really enjoyed our run and was nervous about how I would do once I left her.  

Sam showed me a new route that I decided to circle back and do again for variety.  So, I basically ran the same loop twice, which is great because this mimics the marathon course. I felt really strong in the beginning of the second part.  However, by mile 14, I was realllly missing my Beeker on the bike next to me.  He is such a great coach during the last couple of miles. I wanted to be done and I needed more water.  Marathoning is obviously extremely physical, but it is also such a mental game…. SUCH a mental game.  By mile 14-15 I was really digging deep. I slowed down at the end, but overall I was pretty happy with the run and with my pacing. 

Avg Pace
Summary 2:45:25.7 17.00 9:44
1 9:35.4 1.00 9:35
2 9:27.4 1.00 9:27
3 10:09.8 1.00 10:10
4 9:26.1 1.00 9:26
5 9:13.9 1.00 9:14
6 9:35.4 1.00 9:35
7 10:06.3 1.00 10:06
8 9:54.4 1.00 9:54
9 9:43.6 1.00 9:44
10 9:23.3 1.00 9:23
11 9:39.2 1.00 9:39
12 9:27.3 1.00 9:27
13 9:44.5 1.00 9:44
14 9:50.0 1.00 9:50
15 9:44.8 1.00 9:45
16 9:55.4 1.00 9:55
17 10:28.8 1.00 10:29

I was surprised by how sore I was when I finished! Holy cow, my legs hurt so bad!! I called my sister and was lamenting about how I could never run 9 more miles today to make a full marathon. No way.  My sister reminded me that I don’t HAVE to run a marathon today, I just had to do 17 miles- which I did.  That is the whole point of training- to build up to 26.2. Duh.

After stretching I hightailed it to Wawa to get some fresh fruit and an extra salty soft pretzel. Yum. For lunch, I refueled with chicken, vegetables, and potatoes.

Now I have a hot date with my foam roller.  I hope I am not sore tomorrow!!

Happy Saturday 🙂

Long Run Report

Yesterday I had 13.1 miles on the books.  Going into the run, I had two goals:

  1. Don’t go out too fast.  I struggle with this a lot during a race.  Especially when I am properly rested and fueled, it is so hard to hold myself back at the beginning of a run/race because I feel SO good.  It is sometimes hard to remember in the first couple of miles that I need to save energy for the end! A negative split is perfect: go conservative at the beginning, and turn it on towards the end. The last thing that I want to happen in my marathon is to use all of my energy up too soon and feel dead at the end.
  2. Proper pacing.  I read that most marathoners make the same mistake while training: running their long runs too fast and running their speed work too slow.  I really want to work on this to make sure that my runs have variety.  It is so easy to just go out and “run” however I am feeling that day.  By forcing myself to run fast or run slow and steady, I am training my body in the best way to prepare for the marathon.

It is just so crazy how much prep goes into running a marathon!

Anyway, here are my mile splits:

Avg Pace
Summary 1:59:56.1 13.11 9:09
1 9:14.5 1.00 9:14
2 9:01.4 1.00 9:01
3 9:25.5 1.00 9:26
4 9:22.4 1.00 9:22
5 9:33.4 1.00 9:33
6 9:23.8 1.00 9:24
7 9:13.2 1.00 9:13
8 9:13.5 1.00 9:13
9 9:10.5 1.00 9:11
10 9:11.9 1.00 9:12
11 9:04.0 1.00 9:04
12 8:42.7 1.00 8:43
13 8:30.0 1.00 8:30
14 :49.5 0.11 7:48 

Overall, I am really happy with this run.  The course I ran is pretty hilly- with the last 2.5 miles TOTALLY UPHILL. Even with the hills, I was able to run a negative split and run the second half a lot faster than the first.  I started out too fast in the first couple of miles and forced myself to slow down early on. Right around mile 10 I realized that I could probably finish at or just under 2 hours, so I picked up my pace to make it happen.  It was a fun challenge, but I was probably going too fast at the end for just a training run. However, since it was a “shorter” long run, I felt safe picking it up a bit.  Next weekend I have 17 miles to do.  I certainly do not plan on running my 17 miler at a 9:09 pace.  Instead, I want to slow down to around 9:30- a long sloooww run.  

Overall, I am feeling good and thank God for running! I feel so blessed to be able to do this. I love the challenge, setting goals, and seeing myself improve.

Long Run Report

I just got back from my long run: 15 miles finished in 2:20 & feeling good!

Today was nearly perfect running weather.  I say “nearly” perfect, because truly perfect would have been just a little less wind that I had to fight; however, other than that, it was perfection- cool & sunny!

I ran the first 4 miles by myself around my neighborhood.  After 4 miles, I swung back by my house where Beeker was waiting on the driveway on his bike.  He is so great- I didn’t even have to stop.  Like last week, he rode alongside me to coach me, talk to me, and hand me my water.  Beek and I decided that I really do have to practice drinking more water, even when I don’t feel like I need it.  Since my marathon is in June, it is really important that I get used to drinking on my runs to make sure that I am properly hydrated.  I hate carrying water, though, so  it is tricky to remember to drink it.  Unfortunately, my husband can’t ride his his bike next to me during he marathon. Durn it.

I went into this run really wanting to run a negative split (run the second half faster than the first).  I tend to go out super fast and then have to slow down because I can’t sustain the pace. Today, however, I accomplished my goal and was able to run a negative split!!

My miles looked like this:

Avg Pace
Summary 2:20:18.1 15.00 9:21
1 9:28.6 1.00 9:29
2 9:19.9 1.00 9:20
3 9:30.1 1.00 9:30
4 9:20.4 1.00 9:20
5 9:45.4 1.00 9:45
6 9:31.4 1.00 9:31
7 9:25.6 1.00 9:26
8 9:18.5 1.00 9:19
9 9:29.4 1.00 9:29
10 9:23.6 1.00 9:24
11 9:09.9 1.00 9:10
12 9:17.4 1.00 9:17
13 9:08.6 1.00 9:09
14 9:04.0 1.00 9:04
15 9:03.7 1.00 9:04
16 :01.6 0.00 15:29

Overall, I am really happy with this run.  I felt strong at the end, and it was an easy pace- I was able to carry on a conversation with Bri the whole time. Feeling good!

I think the success of the run was partly due to my awesome fueling last night!

I try to eat some type of pasta or carb- heavy meal the night before my long runs.  I was so happy when my mom told me that she made us baked ziti! Yum!

After dinner we headed out to the going away party for the youth pastor of our church- who also happens to be our really good friend.  He is following the Lord’s call to Canada- to be the youth pastor at a really awesome church! We are SO sad to see him go, but are excited to see what the Lord has planned for him.  It is inspiring to know someone who follows God’s will for his life, even when it means moving his entire family to another country.  I can’t wait to see how the Lord is going to them.  The best part of the evening was when the kids all crowded around him to pray for him and his family. So beautiful!


Love these people.

I also really loved the cookies 😉

Right now I have a date with my foam roller, then Beeker and I are going to see my niece in her school play! 🙂

Fueling for 14 miles and Family Fitness Day


Today was a GREAT day!  A few weeks ago, my cutie cousin, Sarah, and I were talking about how much we wanted to plan a day to run together.  So, we checked our calendars and decided that today would be a good day. After setting our date, we thought that it would be fun to invite our entire family to the park with us.  So, I excitedly made a Facebook event called, “Family Fitness Day” and invited everyone to join the fun!  I know, I am the dork of life.

Well, Family Fitness Day turned out the be a fairytale! A bunch of our family met, along with some friends, at the beautiful Tyler State Park.  Everyone chose their exercise of choice: walking, running, or biking.


This photo was taken by my friend, Tanya. Tyler State park is SO beautiful!

I had 14 miles on tap- I absolutely loved running the first few with Sarah, and then finished up the rest of my run with Beeker riding alongside me on his bike.  Isn’t that true love? A husband that is willing to ride his bike alongside his wife for 14 miles- to coach her, hand her water, and be there to talk to her when she gets bored.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times- The Beek: I am blessed with the best.

Turns out Tyler State Park is pretty hilly.  Actually, when I say hilly- I mean SUPER hilly.  My quads got quite the workout 😉  I decided to run at an easy pace and just enjoy the day with my family, the scenery, and having my Beeker next to me.  I also wanted really focus on this run to make sure that I fueled properly before, during, and after.

Fueling for a marathon fascinates me; it is such a fine science of knowing exactly how much I need.  I wanted to make sure that I fueled properly, especially after a very humbling 7 miler that I had earlier in the week.  During run, I crashed and burned BIG time.  I got caught about 3 miles from home seriously wanting to quit because I had absolutely no energy. What I learned is that if I am going to run a 7 mile pace run, my breakfasts need to look a little less like this:


3 egg whites, peppers, and tomatoes- nice if I am going to relax; not enough fuel for 7 fast miles.


…..And a little more like this:


Pumpkin protein oatmeal with apples and berries



Lesson learned.

I fueled for my run this morning with my pumpkin oatmeal- and topped it with some natural peanut butter for staying power.  During my run, I took Gatorade gels at miles 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13.  I felt great!!

We celebrated my 14 miles and the fun of Family Fitness Day with lunch at a diner, where I refueled with a turkey wrap, salad bar, AND french fries.  

Will run for french fries- duh.

It is nice to feel properly fueled, which is something that I need to remember for the rest of my marathon training.  So, getouttahere egg white and veggies and cometomama protein oatmeal.  No more mid-run bonk, thankyouverymuch.

Family Fitness Day- you are welcome any time 😉

What is your favorite food after a hard workout?

Ever hit the wall during a run?


Luck o’ the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

First, this:


The cutest little Irish woman. At just barely 5 feet, this shirt is more than appropriate. 

Seriously, how cute is my mom? I think she is the cutest thing in this world! She was going to a 50’s Themed party at church- but also incorporated her Irish heritage into her outfit.




Love her.

So, I ran yesterday.  12 miles total.  

It was actually really nice. I decided to just go slow and circled around my neighborhood so that I could cut it short if I didn’t feel well.  In a weird way, I think running actually helped my sinus infection. The air was really cool and crisp, and I felt like I could breathe for the first time since Wednesday! Midway through my run it started to snow.  I love running in the snow- so beautiful!  It snowed all day long; by the afternoon, my view out my back window looked like this:


A winter wonderland- on March 16th!

I completed my run just before it started to really snow hard- thank God.  I finished 12 {hilly} miles in 1:55:34.  Definitely not my fastest times, but I wanted to make sure that I went easy and didn’t push myself.  I would say that the first 11.5 miles were really great and strong.  The last .5 mile was a beast. I wanted to stop. I hated it.  But, I pushed through. I was NOT going to quit on the last half mile. What is it with the last part of a run? I know it is all mental….

After, I showered and then refueled with eggs, ham, strawberries, and toast.


Protein & carbs = perfect after a long run.

The breakfast ham that I had was only 50 calories for 2 pieces. Score.

I had a serious date with my couch for the rest of the afternoon.  My mom, who is a fairytale, surprised me with a hot pretzel from the Philly Soft Pretzel factory in the afternoon.  She is the best.  For dinner, Brian made bruschetta chicken, green beans, garlic toast, and sweet potato “pods”.


Aren’t those sweet potato “pods” so cute?  We just found them in the freezer section and they are seriously delicious. 

Beeker and I had a major movie fail last night.  We decided to rent a movie online- “Taken 2”.  I was super excited and got all ready on the couch with a blanket, cup of hot chocolate, and my hunny.  After we paid, we realized that the movie was going to take 5 hours (!!) to download.  Yes, we have the internet speed of 2006.  Womp womp.  So, we had to settle by watching a cheesy movie on TV- “Licensed to Wed”. Definitely different from what I had prepared to see in “Taken 2.”  Now it’s downloaded, but we only have 24 hours to watch it. Boo!

Oh well, it was a great night nonetheless. 

We are celebrating St. Patricks Day today with church, a parade (that our niece Haley is marching in), and dinner at my sister’s house.  Of course, the best part will be our family’s annual tradition of going to McDonalds for SHAMROCK SHAKES! 

YESSSSS. So lucky.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck o’ the Irish be with you! 🙂

Perfect running weather

Talk about change! After writing yesterday about the awful weather, I woke up this morning to a weather fairytale.  Warm, sunny, 60 degrees.  Running perfection.

When I got home from work yesterday, I was greeted by Holly Dolly and Broc Man.  It was so fun to come home to these sweet faces.


I love the way that Holly is affectionately holding Broc’s face.




These kids make me so happy.

I had to quick change and get ready for a dinner that we were going to with our friends from church.  We had a great time and even met some new people.

ImageIt was a great night!

This morning I woke up hungry, excited about the weather, and ready to run!  I had a big bowl of oatmeal with pumpkin, banana, pear, and blackberries mixed in.

ImageAfter I ate and lounged around, I headed to the park for my 11 miles.  The park was crowded, filled with people running, biking, and kids running around.  I loved running past people and seeing how happy they were.  The first couple of weekends of beautiful weather after a long, cold winter bring out the joy in everyone. Love it.

I practiced with gels during this run and took a gel at miles 5.5, 7, and 9.  It worked well, but I really need to figure out how to carry water with me because I was thirsty in a big way! Overall, it was a strong, beautiful run.  If I could order weather for a run, today would be exactly what I would want!

When I got home, I had a veggie scramble mixed with eggs and deli turkey and a side of greek yogurt.  


Refueling like a Pro!

I am looking forward to enjoying the afternoon and continuing to enjoy this beautiful weather 🙂

11 {rainy} miles

 Well, the good news is that I did not melt.

11 miles- in the rain- DONE.


Thumbs up before I went out the door!

This was my first official “long run” for marathon training and it felt good.  Even though it was cold and rainy, it was a great run. My mom bought me these running clothes for my birthday.  At least I don’t have to worry about being unseen! 😉 I love this jacket- it is warm, but not hot, and has thumb holes so I can pull it down over my hands.

I ran around my neighborhood and finished in 1:41:00 exactly.  Feeling strong. However, I need to get out and experiment with different routes when my runs get longer. I cannot imagine running 20 miles around my neighborhood- I would die of boredom. 

Before I left I had my oatmeal with a cut up banana, apple, and 3 egg whites mixed it.  It did its job and kept me full during my run.

By the time I got back, I was SOAKING wet and FREEZING.  I took a long shower and then refueled with grilled chicken tacos, salad, and a banana.


All my lunches and dinners are looking the same this week!

I need to focus on proper refueling during this marathon.  This is so hard for me- I usually have a bad stomach after my long runs.  If I eat immediately after and chug water, I tend to feel better. I am still feeling so cold, so it is hard to drink all my water. Plus, I caved and just drank 2 huge cups of coffee-an idiot move since caffeine dehydrates. Help! I am addicted to coffee….

Relaxing now and gearing up to go help at the Youth Spaghetti Dinner tonight at church.  Hoping for a good turn out and that they can raise a lot of money for their mission trip to Belize this summer! 

Happy Saturday!

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