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Race Report and Fitness for the Week

Yesterday was the St. Luke’s Half Marathon- a race that is near and dear to my heart.  Not only is the race super close to my house and goes through my favorite park, but it is also the first half marathon race that I ever ran (4 years ago).

This year I decided to run the race with my friend, June, from church.  June was diagnosed with MS 8 years ago.  It was truly an inspiration to run the race alongside her; to encourage one another, and to be able witness her incredible strength.  Even when her body started to turn numb, June kept running.  As she ran, she recited my favorite verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  June is the essence of strength, faith, and determination from the Lord. When we crossed the finish line together, we were both weepy.  It was an awesome race!!

Since I had 18 miles on the books yesterday, I went through the finish line and then back out to finish up my run.  I ran the last 5 miles at a pretty good pace, and it was fun to go back out to encourage other runners as they were nearing the finish line and to thank the volunteers for their hard work.

Avg Pace
Summary 3:11:42.9 18.00 10:39
1 10:18.3 1.00 10:18
2 10:16.4 1.00 10:16
3 9:55.9 1.00 9:56
4 10:32.9 1.00 10:33
5 10:16.5 1.00 10:16
6 10:37.2 1.00 10:37
7 11:08.6 1.00 11:09
8 11:31.8 1.00 11:32
9 11:43.4 1.00 11:43
10 11:43.4 1.00 11:43
11 11:58.6 1.00 11:59
12 12:26.1 1.00 12:26
13 12:41.0 1.00 12:41
14 2:35.4 0.20 13:04
15 9:38.4 1.00 9:38
16 9:07.9 1.00 9:08
17 9:04.1 1.00 9:04
18 8:47.0 1.00 8:47
19 7:20.0 0.80 9:10
Brian brought his bike along to the race so that he could see us at different points. It was also nice because he was able to bike alongside me for my last 5 miles.  
When I finished my 17 miler last weekend, I could not even imagine running a full marathon.  However, yesterday I felt strong. Yesterday I felt like, if I had to, I could have ran a full.  I think the key was that I went slow the first half.  I MUST remember this on my long runs this month and in the marathon.  Start slow- finish fast.
After the run, we met Kristianna and Holly at Icecream World for giant soft serve cones- the perfect way to refuel!
It was a blessed weekend for sure 🙂
Fitness for this week:
Sunday: 18 miles
Monday: 1 mile & maybe light yoga to stretch and recover
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 8 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 1 mile
Saturday: 13 miles
I am also committing to eating only whole foods this week.  My runs improve so much when I cut out processed foods.  I would LOVE to lose 5 lbs before my marathon.  5 lbs = less to carry with me during the run!

April 21st Fitness for the Week

Whew! What a great weekend!!!

I woke up this morning a little sore from my 17 miles yesterday.  As I went out the door to do my 1 mile, I instantly felt myself starting to loosen up and enjoy the run.  There is something that is so simple about only running 1 mile.  So easy, so free.  In and out. It felt good.

As I turned down the hill and headed towards home, I was praying so hard for this week, for our babies, for this to be THE week.  The birds were chirping, the sun was out, and the air just felt so fresh.  A song came on my IPod that said: “My hope is in you, Lord, all the day long. I will not be shaken my drought or storm.  The peace that passes understanding is my song…my hope is in you.”  As I ran down the hill on this beautiful morning, praying and singing this song, I was so overwhelmed by the Lord’s presence.  We’re talking a make me cry-give me goosebumps- HE IS HERE moment.  Wow.  I love it so much when I can physically FEEL the Lord’s presence.  I felt such a peace come over me- I know that HE is working on behalf of our family.  I trust in Him completely. It was such an awesome moment- one that I did not want to end. Like a dream that I try to prolong, I circled my block a couple of times just reveling in God’s peace.

I feel so close to God and to my babies when I run.

I LOVE it.

Good thing this week will include lots of running {and praying}

Sunday: 1 mile

Monday: 1 mile + Jillian’s advanced yoga- my first time trying the advanced workout!

Tuesday: 5 miles + arms & abs

Wednesday: 8 miles pace-  I can go faster this week.

Thursday: 5 miles + arms & abs

Friday: 1 mile + maybe yoga

Saturday: 1 mile <—I am changing my long run day to Sunday because I will be running the St. Luke’s Half Marathon! 🙂

Running & praying….praying & running

April 14th Fitness for the Week

Sunday: 1 mile

Monday: 1 mile + yoga

Tuesday: 4 miles + abs and arms

Wednesday: 8 miles pace

Thursday: 4 miles + abs and arms

Friday: 1 mile {rest}

Saturday: 17 miles! woohoo

April 7 Fitness for the Week

oops! I forgot to publish this…

Sunday: 1 mile run + 2 mile walk with my sistas.

Monday: 1 mile run + yoga

Tuesday: 4 miles + abs and arms

Wednesday: 7 miles pace

Thursday: 4 miles + abs and arms

Friday: 1 mile

Saturday: Half marathon

This week looks very similar to last week, and my mileage really builds next week.  This is the first time that I have  incorporated yoga consistently in with my training, and I LOVE it.  I seriously cannot wait for Monday.  It is the perfect way to stretch out after my long run on the weekend and really helps me to free refreshed and focused. I finally get why people are obsessed with it- yoga is glorious.

What are your plans for the week?

Have you tried yoga?

April 1st Fitness for the Week

Sunday: 1 mile run

Monday: 1 mile run + yoga

Tuesday: 4 mile run + abs and push ups

Wednesday: 7 mile run @ marathon pace

Thursday: 4 mile run + abs and push ups

Friday: 1 mile run

Saturday: 15 miles!!


Happy 91st Birthday to the dearest woman I know, my mom-mom.  Here is the prayer I posted on FB:

April 1, 2013: Happy 91st Birthday to my beautiful mom-mom. Lord, thank you for the gift of my mom-mom and for our wonderful family. We are blessed with the absolute best, and it all began with the loving work of my sweet mom-mom. Thank you for the traditions that she started, for the love that seeped into everything that she did and said, and for the way that she always loved and trusted in you. Let us all live our lives like my mom-mom- always devoted to the Lord and to our family. Help me to raise my children in a way that would make her proud. Amen.

I love and miss my mom-mom so much!!

March 24th Fitness for the Week

Sunday: 1 mile run + walk with Beek = ❤

Monday: 1 mile run + Jillian yoga  (I’m planning on trying the advanced workout)

Tuesday: 7 miles @ marathon pace

Wednesday: 4 miles + abs and push ups

Thursday: 4 miles + abs and push ups

Friday: 1 mile and rest up for long run!

Saturday: 14 miles 🙂

March 17 Fitness for the Week

This week will look a lot like last week…my last “easy” week before my mileage really starts to build!!

Sunday: 1 mile + walk

Monday: 1 mile + Jillian yoga

Tuesday: 3 miles + abs and push ups

Wednesday: 6 miles marathon pace

Thursday 3 miles + abs and push ups

Friday: 1 mile

Saturday: 9 miles

March 10th Fitness for the Week

Sunday: 1 mile run + 4 mile walk with mama

Monday: 1 mile + yoga

Tuesday: 3 miles + abs and push ups

Wednesday: 6 miles pace

Thursday: 3 miles + abs and push ups

Friday: 1 mile (rest)

Saturday: 12 miles

March 2 Fitness for the week

Sunday: 1 mile/off

Monday: 1 mile + Jillian yoga

Tuesday: 3 miles + abs/push up circuit

Wednesday: 6 miles at marathon pace

Thursday: 3 miles + abs/push up circuit

Friday: 1 mile/off

Saturday: 11 miles

I need to focus on sticking to my plan. I get excited and love to do more.  This weekend my training plan only had me doing 6 miles on my “long run,” and I decided to do 8. Brian has been reminding me of the purpose of a training plan- to slowly build miles.  Just because I CAN run 10 miles doesn’t mean that I SHOULD run 10 miles.  I will have plenty of time to run in the coming months, so I just need to focus on sticking to my plan, fueling properly, and staying healthy.


Brian and I had a meeting this morning for our mission trip to West Virginia this summer.  We began a new fundraiser called “Nails for Service.” We have one group of kids going to West Virginia and another group going to Belize this summer. Church members have the opportunity to purchase a nail that we will take on the trip with us. Nails are $1 each, or $50 for a box.  Brian made the poster for it yesterday and it looks AWESOME:


It pays to have a husband who is a graphic designer 🙂

As of this morning, we already made hundreds of dollars! So awesome!  We are headed out to church this afternoon.  Brian is doing sound for the 4:00 service and has to be at practice at 2:30.  I am going to go with him and sit in the sanctuary to read my Bible and pray for our precious babies.

As a new week begins in Ethiopia, I am feeling so anxious and my babies are so heavy on my heart.  I have had the date of March 3rd in my head and on my heart for months now. I have no idea why, but I have been thinking about this date and praying about this date.  Now that the day is here, I have just felt so burdened today.  I wonder, are my babies being brought into our agency’s care today? Are they being born? Conceived?  I feel like SOMETHING is going on.  I am absolutely covering my sweet babies in prayer- praying that they are safe, that they are healthy, and that they feel loved.  I am trusting in the power of prayer and that our Lord’s mighty hands are reaching from here all the way to Africa. Oh, how I love my babies.


Fitness for the Week: Becoming Strong

This week will look like this:

Sunday: 1 mile run & 3 mile walk with Bertha 

Monday: 1 mile + Jillian yoga

Tuesday: 3 miles + push-ups/abs strength

Wednesday: 6 miles at marathon pace

Thursday: 3 miles + pus-ups/abs strength

Friday: 1 mile / off

Saturday: 12 miles!

I think the thing that I love the most about training for a race is the structure. I love having a schedule and being able to cross workouts off my list. Love the feeling of accomplishment I get after a week of strong workouts. I love building strength.

I love that I am a strong mom- I think this will be one of the greatest gifts that I give my babies. Throughout our journey I have been working on my strength- physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Our journey to our babies is SO hard, but SO blessed. This experience has allowed me to grow in ways that I never thought possible and has helped me to become closer to the Lord. We are in such a vulnerable, scary place as we wait for our referral. There is nothing that we, nor anyone else, can do it make it happen (unfortunately). Only God can make it happen.  Going through times like this in life- when you have no choice but to trust in the Lord-is both extremely humbling and extremely exhilarating. It allows you to trust in God in ways that you never knew possible- because there is no other choice. Even when I am weak, HE is strong.  One of my favorite verses is 2 Corinthians 12:9:

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest in me.

I have many weaknesses- and these weaknesses are just an opportunity for the Lord to do His thing! I choose to trust in the Lord.  I choose to cling to His promises.  I choose to glorify Him through it ALL.  I pray that our journey has allowed God’s glory to shine and that He has been honored and praised through our adoption. I pray that other people can see the Lord working through our story.  I pray that this is the week that we {finally} get to see our sweet babies’ faces.



The spaghetti dinner was so great last night. I was so proud of the kids- they worked so hard and were excellent servers! How wonderful to have 100+ members all join together to bless and support students desiring to serve the Lord through mission trips! The food was delicious- I dreamt about pasta last night! haha!

I woke up this morning extremely thirsty and so hungry.  I am determined to not overeat today!

For breakfast, made veggie and egg white scramble with sauteed baby potatoes. It was delicious and filling.


I wish I had time to make a breakfast like this during the week

Church was great- our pastor prayed with us at the alter- such a powerful prayer.  Of course, the tears were streaming. So many people are praying for us, with us, petitioning the Lord on behalf of our family. We are confident that God hears our prayers and is working in a mighty way right now.

After church, I came home and sauteed vegetables and ham for lunch. In the mix was red pepper, tomato, mushrooms, and spinach. I ate it with greek yogurt.  Very delicious.


























Tonight my mom is making stuffed steak for dinner- yum! Now she and I are headed out for our walk! 🙂 Dreaming of spring and warmer weather….



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