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Mindless eating

An old monster has reared its ugly head this week: the Mindless Eater.



She stays away all day- I eat my breakfast and lunch like a pro- 100% healthy, tracked, feeling good.  I drive home, eat my apple, feel content thinking about what I will make for dinner.  I commit to staying healthy through the evening and staying on track.  I pinky promise myself to not snack before dinner.  I feel good- I feel in control.

I pull into the driveway, open my front door….

And all bets are OFF.

Seriously.  It’s like I run to the pantry (still with my coat on) and eat whatever I see first.  This week the culprits were nuts, a bite of a leftover Easter dessert, or candy.

What gives? I eat without even thinking about it- not even stopping to take my coat off!

I know that these little treats are not that big of a deal, and with marathon training I will be a little more hungry.  However, I want to enjoy my food, to savor it.  I want to make something delicious and feel satisfied.  Stuffing my face with candy in front of my pantry does not satisfy me. In fact, it just makes me feel gross and less hungry for dinner.

So, I must devise a plan to QUIT the mindless eating.

Here is what I am thinking:

Come in the door- do NOT enter the kitchen.

Hang up my coat- go upstairs and change.

Force myself to do something else that I enjoy, like making myself a cup of hot tea….& then sitting down and really ENJOYING the cup of tea.

My goal is to redirect my focus to do something OTHER than eating when I get home.

Tonight was my first night trying to end my mindless eating.  I came home from work, put dinner in the oven, and headed right upstairs to change and take a little nap before dinner….it was really nice and I was actually genuinely hungry for dinner.



Can I keep it up? We shall see! Hopefully writing about it will help to keep me accountable. I really really really want to be more in tune with my hunger signals and to only eat when I am hungry, not when I am bored, happy, sad, emotional, nervous…everything!  Eating only when hungry? What a novel concept.  Talk about first world problems.

Jeez Louise.

Do you head to the pantry when you walk in the door?

What do you do to combat mindless eating?



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