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April 21st Fitness for the Week

Whew! What a great weekend!!!

I woke up this morning a little sore from my 17 miles yesterday.  As I went out the door to do my 1 mile, I instantly felt myself starting to loosen up and enjoy the run.  There is something that is so simple about only running 1 mile.  So easy, so free.  In and out. It felt good.

As I turned down the hill and headed towards home, I was praying so hard for this week, for our babies, for this to be THE week.  The birds were chirping, the sun was out, and the air just felt so fresh.  A song came on my IPod that said: “My hope is in you, Lord, all the day long. I will not be shaken my drought or storm.  The peace that passes understanding is my song…my hope is in you.”  As I ran down the hill on this beautiful morning, praying and singing this song, I was so overwhelmed by the Lord’s presence.  We’re talking a make me cry-give me goosebumps- HE IS HERE moment.  Wow.  I love it so much when I can physically FEEL the Lord’s presence.  I felt such a peace come over me- I know that HE is working on behalf of our family.  I trust in Him completely. It was such an awesome moment- one that I did not want to end. Like a dream that I try to prolong, I circled my block a couple of times just reveling in God’s peace.

I feel so close to God and to my babies when I run.

I LOVE it.

Good thing this week will include lots of running {and praying}

Sunday: 1 mile

Monday: 1 mile + Jillian’s advanced yoga- my first time trying the advanced workout!

Tuesday: 5 miles + arms & abs

Wednesday: 8 miles pace-  I can go faster this week.

Thursday: 5 miles + arms & abs

Friday: 1 mile + maybe yoga

Saturday: 1 mile <—I am changing my long run day to Sunday because I will be running the St. Luke’s Half Marathon! 🙂

Running & praying….praying & running

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3 thoughts on “April 21st Fitness for the Week

  1. So inspiring!!! How was the yoga advanced section?

  2. I LOVED it! It focused a lot on abs, which was awesome. Love love love Jillian. Did I tell you that Kristianna got us tickets to see her next Friday in Philly?!? Pee my pants excited!

  3. I love those moments too. Indescribable. Continuing to pray for you!

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