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Long run report

Today I had 17 miles on tap.

I thought about it all week- my longest run during this training cycle- and I was definitely nervous going in.

Luckily, my friend Sam met me at my favorite park to run the first 10 miles with me.  Sam is such a great running partner.  I loved running and chatting with her- it made the miles go by so quickly! Sam and I went to high school together, lost touch through college, and have recently reconnected. I am so happy that we did! She is the best and our friendship is so natural.  Even though we go long periods without seeing each other, we seem to just pick right back up where we were.  I love that. And, she is a runner- what could be better?!  I really enjoyed our run and was nervous about how I would do once I left her.  

Sam showed me a new route that I decided to circle back and do again for variety.  So, I basically ran the same loop twice, which is great because this mimics the marathon course. I felt really strong in the beginning of the second part.  However, by mile 14, I was realllly missing my Beeker on the bike next to me.  He is such a great coach during the last couple of miles. I wanted to be done and I needed more water.  Marathoning is obviously extremely physical, but it is also such a mental game…. SUCH a mental game.  By mile 14-15 I was really digging deep. I slowed down at the end, but overall I was pretty happy with the run and with my pacing. 

Avg Pace
Summary 2:45:25.7 17.00 9:44
1 9:35.4 1.00 9:35
2 9:27.4 1.00 9:27
3 10:09.8 1.00 10:10
4 9:26.1 1.00 9:26
5 9:13.9 1.00 9:14
6 9:35.4 1.00 9:35
7 10:06.3 1.00 10:06
8 9:54.4 1.00 9:54
9 9:43.6 1.00 9:44
10 9:23.3 1.00 9:23
11 9:39.2 1.00 9:39
12 9:27.3 1.00 9:27
13 9:44.5 1.00 9:44
14 9:50.0 1.00 9:50
15 9:44.8 1.00 9:45
16 9:55.4 1.00 9:55
17 10:28.8 1.00 10:29

I was surprised by how sore I was when I finished! Holy cow, my legs hurt so bad!! I called my sister and was lamenting about how I could never run 9 more miles today to make a full marathon. No way.  My sister reminded me that I don’t HAVE to run a marathon today, I just had to do 17 miles- which I did.  That is the whole point of training- to build up to 26.2. Duh.

After stretching I hightailed it to Wawa to get some fresh fruit and an extra salty soft pretzel. Yum. For lunch, I refueled with chicken, vegetables, and potatoes.

Now I have a hot date with my foam roller.  I hope I am not sore tomorrow!!

Happy Saturday 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Long run report

  1. I love buddies like that. And she’s a runner too? Epic.
    Glad your run went well but I agree with you. I was thinking the same thing after my 20 miler! TOTALLY going to be crawling the last 6 miles. Or maybe someone will log roll me to the finish.
    Either way.
    Your sister is a wise gal.
    I’ve discovered that I am less sore if I walk around more the rest of the day after a long run, and then also if I do a light elliptical work out the next morning (10-20 minutes)…praying for you to feel GOOD tomorrow!!

  2. I know- so great! I couldn’t believe how much more difficult 17 miles was than 15 miles. I felt like 15 was easy peasy- 17..holy cow. haha, I think I will be crawling the last 6, too!!

    I woke up this morning feeling a little sore, but not bad. I am getting ready now to head out for my 1 mile…definitely very slow. I think it will help to loosen things up. Tomorrow is yoga, then hopefully I am good to go for this week’s training! 🙂

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