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New Shoe Day!

One of the coolest things about me and Beeker is that we are “official” shoe testers for Runner’s World Magazine.  Pretty sweet, huh? We get a new pair of running shoes to wear 4 times each year.  The shoes are samples from the shoe companies of shoes that will be coming out in the next season.  We wear them for about a month, evaluate them, and fill out a survey for Runner’s World- who uses them in their “Shoe Guide” quarterly feature.  It is a pretty sweet deal to get free sneaks each season- it works out perfectly because we always get our new shoes right around the time that I need them.  Being testers has been such an incredible blessing to us, since we run so much and go through so many pairs of shoes, we have been able to save so much money.  

I love new shoe day!

Here are my new kicks (Asics):


These babies are going to carry me to marathon glory.

And, here are Beeker’s (Brooks):




I am particularly excited tonight because Beeker’s new sneaks have motivated him to start running with me in the morning again…yessssss.  I love early morning runs outside; however, I will only venture out at 4 am if Brian is with me.  I’m a wuss with stuff like that. Tomorrow morning I have 8 miles on tap- my longest distance before work!  Words cannot even begin to express how happy I will be to run outside instead on my awful treadmill.  For it to work, I MUST be out the door and running AT 4 am- which means an early bedtime tonight.  Having new shoes to run in will be great motivation to get up and out early tomorrow morning.


How often do you get new running/workout shoes?

Are you scared to run alone in the dark?

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4 thoughts on “New Shoe Day!

  1. How in the WORLD did you get to be a tester?! That would be SO awesome!! I get new running shoes ever 300-400 miles. My joints let me know that its time =) When I retire a pair, they become my ‘wear anywhere else’ pair or my cross training shoes =)
    When I first started running, I NEVER ran in the dark. I used to stand by my window for 15-20 min sometimes and wait til I felt like there was enough light in the sky! =) LOL. For the past couple years now, sometimes I do my whole run and never see the sun rise (depending on the time of year) =) I only do this on city streets. If I run so early that its dark out on a trail, I’m always with a friend or two =)

  2. We got lucky- I met a friend at the gym who told me about it (we live near the headquarters for the magazine). We went and stood in line for 2 hours to become new testers- happy that we did because they stopped accepting new testers after that! Now you have to be on the “list” to be able to do it. It is seriously awesome. I love getting the new shoes and being able to give my feedback…I was even quoted in the magazine once, so cool!

    I know, you are a rockstar at running in the dark! I absolutely loved it this morning– SO SO SO much better than the treadmill! My neighborhood is pretty well lit, too, so I am going to try to make it out there more often. Happy that the hubs is back at early morning running again 🙂

  3. That is so awesome!!! I am so jealous that you guys get to be testers. It really does get expensive keeping up with a running habit. You need the right equipment or you will get hurt. I hate running in the dark. Exactly why I stopped running in the morning in the winter. I get so nervous and paranoid. Even running in the rain is nerve racking to me because there is not enough people out and about that I can call for help to! Lol ok I sound like a nerd now.

  4. LOL! I feel the same way…I think “no one will hear me scream.” haha

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