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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an awful (and very humbling) 7 miler that I had.  There is a huge hill by our house that Beeker and I call “the widowmaker,” because it is such a beast.  During that 7 miler, the widowmaker definitely got the best of me. Even though it was not a good run, I learned that I need to make sure that I am properly fueling for my runs and am able to pace myself. I wrote about the run here. I finished the run in 1:06:18, but felt completely trashed.

Ever since then, I have avoided the widowmaker.  It got in my head. Nope, I did not want to do it again. Last week I ran *past* the hill, and avoided looking at it- as if somehow it “knew” that I was intimated by it- I felt like it was taunting me. So silly.

Well, today I had 7 miles on the books and was lucky enough to be able to run in beautiful 75 degree weather.  I laced up my shoes and thought- widowmaker- I’m coming for ya.  I was determined to take back that hill and make it mine.

And I did. 

7 miles done in 1:01:57.

Vindicated- and it feels good!

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4 thoughts on “Vindicated.

  1. Great job! I love vindicating runs–they put an extra spring in your step even when you’re tired.

  2. Thank you! Yes, they are so empowering. I feel like a bad run makes me question my ability to complete a marathon (even though I know that is silly), so runs like the one I had today give me more confidence.

  3. Wow, awesome job!! My normal ‘hood route has a couple good hills in it (I LOVE hills) but the real Grand-Daddy hill is one that comes back into my neighborhood and ends close to my house so if I run that hill, its always at the end of my run… its .16 miles long and has 75 feet of elevation gain! In just .16 miles! Its brutal, ESPECIALLY at the end of a long or hard run so sometimes I plan my run so that I stop at the BOTTOM of the hill, but sometimes I gotta show it who’s boss! Way to give it to the Widow maker!! =) LOL

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