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April 7 Fitness for the Week

oops! I forgot to publish this…

Sunday: 1 mile run + 2 mile walk with my sistas.

Monday: 1 mile run + yoga

Tuesday: 4 miles + abs and arms

Wednesday: 7 miles pace

Thursday: 4 miles + abs and arms

Friday: 1 mile

Saturday: Half marathon

This week looks very similar to last week, and my mileage really builds next week.  This is the first time that I have  incorporated yoga consistently in with my training, and I LOVE it.  I seriously cannot wait for Monday.  It is the perfect way to stretch out after my long run on the weekend and really helps me to free refreshed and focused. I finally get why people are obsessed with it- yoga is glorious.

What are your plans for the week?

Have you tried yoga?

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2 thoughts on “April 7 Fitness for the Week

  1. Looks like another great week!
    My plans are on my blog and so far so good for this week!
    HOWEVER, my right arch was achy a lot of yesterday, seems fine today but has me worried. Please pray that it would go away, be nothing serious, and that I would be able to complete all my runs this week (I don’t mind having to take some time off next week, but this is peak mileage week so I would like to get all my runs in!!) I hope your work outs this week are awesome!

  2. I totally get you wanting to get in all your miles in your peak week. Praying for healing and a great run!! 🙂

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