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Spring Weekends = <3

I love spring weekends in a big way.  It is like everyone emerges from their hibernation all winter and is excited to be out of the house, enjoying the fresh air.

After my run yesterday, we headed up to see our niece, Juliet, in her high school play- The South Pacific.  It was such a great show with SO much talent! I am always amazed by such young kids who are so gifted.  Juliet played the party of Bloody Mary’s Assistant.  Of course, she rocked it.  I love watching her on stage- she is so beautiful!


Gorgeous girl!

Today we went to church and then had 2 meetings.  The first meeting was for the mission trip that Brian and I are going on with the youth group to West Virginia in July.  I am super excited for the trip! The second meeting was to review the plans for our church’s new building- also very exciting!

After church, Kristianna came over with Holly, and Annmarie and I went with them on a nice long walk.  We stopped at the park and played with Holly a bit- she loved being outside and was, of course, super cute!


Seriously in love with this little face.

After our walk Kristianna and I ran my mile around my neighborhood.  It felt so good to be able to run with her, talk, and enjoy the fresh warm spring air! I love time with my sisters- they are the best.

As we begin a new week, I am praying that this is THE week that our phone rings!!

How did you enjoy the weather this weekend?


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2 thoughts on “Spring Weekends = <3

  1. outside, outside, outside….. I think my fav part about nice weather is that we can eat outside and the mess isnt in my house!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes!! I totally agree! I bet the kids sleep better after playing outside in the fresh air all day, too!

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