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April 1st Fitness for the Week

Sunday: 1 mile run

Monday: 1 mile run + yoga

Tuesday: 4 mile run + abs and push ups

Wednesday: 7 mile run @ marathon pace

Thursday: 4 mile run + abs and push ups

Friday: 1 mile run

Saturday: 15 miles!!


Happy 91st Birthday to the dearest woman I know, my mom-mom.  Here is the prayer I posted on FB:

April 1, 2013: Happy 91st Birthday to my beautiful mom-mom. Lord, thank you for the gift of my mom-mom and for our wonderful family. We are blessed with the absolute best, and it all began with the loving work of my sweet mom-mom. Thank you for the traditions that she started, for the love that seeped into everything that she did and said, and for the way that she always loved and trusted in you. Let us all live our lives like my mom-mom- always devoted to the Lord and to our family. Help me to raise my children in a way that would make her proud. Amen.

I love and miss my mom-mom so much!!

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2 thoughts on “April 1st Fitness for the Week

  1. Looks like a solid week planned out! I’ve not planned mine out as I really don’t know what I’m doing this week…so far 2 mi run and elliptical yesterday and elliptical/weights/planks today…I’m planning on a 9mile run tomorrow, a 5miler on Thurs and a 15 miler (hopefully w/ hubs!) on Saturday), but we’ll see how my foot is feeling… =) Happy 91st to your mom-mom! (((HUGS)))

  2. I hope your foot is feeling better!! Woohoo for 15 miler with the hubs! You are such a rockstar!

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