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Fueling for 14 miles and Family Fitness Day


Today was a GREAT day!  A few weeks ago, my cutie cousin, Sarah, and I were talking about how much we wanted to plan a day to run together.  So, we checked our calendars and decided that today would be a good day. After setting our date, we thought that it would be fun to invite our entire family to the park with us.  So, I excitedly made a Facebook event called, “Family Fitness Day” and invited everyone to join the fun!  I know, I am the dork of life.

Well, Family Fitness Day turned out the be a fairytale! A bunch of our family met, along with some friends, at the beautiful Tyler State Park.  Everyone chose their exercise of choice: walking, running, or biking.


This photo was taken by my friend, Tanya. Tyler State park is SO beautiful!

I had 14 miles on tap- I absolutely loved running the first few with Sarah, and then finished up the rest of my run with Beeker riding alongside me on his bike.  Isn’t that true love? A husband that is willing to ride his bike alongside his wife for 14 miles- to coach her, hand her water, and be there to talk to her when she gets bored.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times- The Beek: I am blessed with the best.

Turns out Tyler State Park is pretty hilly.  Actually, when I say hilly- I mean SUPER hilly.  My quads got quite the workout 😉  I decided to run at an easy pace and just enjoy the day with my family, the scenery, and having my Beeker next to me.  I also wanted really focus on this run to make sure that I fueled properly before, during, and after.

Fueling for a marathon fascinates me; it is such a fine science of knowing exactly how much I need.  I wanted to make sure that I fueled properly, especially after a very humbling 7 miler that I had earlier in the week.  During run, I crashed and burned BIG time.  I got caught about 3 miles from home seriously wanting to quit because I had absolutely no energy. What I learned is that if I am going to run a 7 mile pace run, my breakfasts need to look a little less like this:


3 egg whites, peppers, and tomatoes- nice if I am going to relax; not enough fuel for 7 fast miles.


…..And a little more like this:


Pumpkin protein oatmeal with apples and berries



Lesson learned.

I fueled for my run this morning with my pumpkin oatmeal- and topped it with some natural peanut butter for staying power.  During my run, I took Gatorade gels at miles 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13.  I felt great!!

We celebrated my 14 miles and the fun of Family Fitness Day with lunch at a diner, where I refueled with a turkey wrap, salad bar, AND french fries.  

Will run for french fries- duh.

It is nice to feel properly fueled, which is something that I need to remember for the rest of my marathon training.  So, getouttahere egg white and veggies and cometomama protein oatmeal.  No more mid-run bonk, thankyouverymuch.

Family Fitness Day- you are welcome any time 😉

What is your favorite food after a hard workout?

Ever hit the wall during a run?


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