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Marriage Romance.

I love romance.  Luckily, I married this guy, who is so romantic….


My handsome Beek.

Anyone that knows Beeker would agree- he is the best.  Seriously- THE BEST.  My hubs is what dreams are made of and is sometimes OTT with his romantic gestures.  He will leave me little notes, schedule fun date nights, and ask me to dance in the middle of the kitchen.

I am blessed.

Most people only enjoy these little romantic gestures while dating, or newly married.  I am so happy that at almost 7 years of marriage and 13 years together, Brian and I still have romance in our relationship.

With that being said, my idea of romance has certainly changed now that I am getting older.  Last night, knowing that I was tired and still not feeling well, Beeker sent me the following text message:

“Relax & let me take care of dinner.”


No card, flowers, or little present could come close to how romantic I found that message last night.  It was the best thing ever.

So funny!

So, I took a bath and Beek went to the produce store and the food store to stock up on goodies.  When I got out of the bath, he was home- the produce was all put away- and he was cooking chicken stir fry. So delicious.


After dinner, we snacked on peanuts, which he also picked up at the produce store, and caught up on the Bible Series.


Goal of the week- don’t eat these all by Thursday 😉

So romantic.

How has your idea of romance changed?

What is the last romantic thing your spouse did for you?

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6 thoughts on “Marriage Romance.

  1. Love this post<3 Brian takes good care of you! I find it hard to squeeze romance in these days…but we try, it's in the little things mostly for us. We also watched The Bible, it's really good. I love that Jesus entered the picture now – everythings about to get better!!!

  2. Love you guys!! That guy is def a keeper 🙂 Let’s be honest Pat was never really Romantic but I remember when I left for Italy early in our relationship he gave me a bag of skittles with all colors but red and purple taken out. I had told him once before that I only like the red and purple ones. It was such a grand gesture to me. I loved it.
    Now the biggest thing he could do to make me swoon would be the dishes! lol… And still he barely does them once a week!!! He needs to have a husband training with Beek!! Lets set that up!

    • That is seriously so sweet! I can just imagine Pat picking out the red and purple- so cute!

      I don’t know if men know how much doing the dinner, dishes, etc. really does mean to us!! It is seriously the best thing ever. haha, Beeker husband training!! He is definitely a keeper! 😉

  3. olivetorun on said:

    You two are adorable 🙂 So glad you have such a great relationship. I too count my blessings for my husband daily too!

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