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To run or not to run?

Well, this sinus infection is really kicking my butt. I was praying so hard that I would wake up this morning and feel like a new woman- nope, still sick.  Boo!

I have 12 miles scheduled for today.  So, the question is: to run or not to run?

Tomorrow my day is packed, so if I am going to to do it- I must do it today.

I think I am going to try- go slow, and see what happens.  I will run around my neighborhood and loop around my house to give myself an opportunity to bail if necessary.

When this beast is over, I am parking on the couch for the rest of the day.


I knew that I wanted pasta last night to gear up for my run.  I think that a Friday night pasta tradition sounds like a great idea during my marathon training 🙂

We need to go to the produce store- so our pantry and fridge were pretty sparse.  So, I decided to get creative.

I chopped up the last onion and green pepper….


I sauteed the onions and peppers and added 2 chicken breasts to the mix with a box of frozen spinach…


I felt like it still needed “something”, so I cut up canned whole tomatoes and added them to the mix…


I combined on jar of sauce with it, and, viola! A chicken primavera sauce. It was really good and a great way to use up all of the “end of the week” stuff in our pantry and fridge.


Beeker’s plate


Hopefully the pasta gave me the fuel I need for this run! Headed out the door now!

When you are sick- do you still work out?

What is your favorite kind of pasta?

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10 thoughts on “To run or not to run?

  1. Kristianna on said:

    You’re a champ! I’d be parking my butt on the couch without the run! While I would probably do something light while sick, can’t say I’d run 12 miles. You go girl! Ps fav pasta is penne 😉

    • haha, love you. I have a serious date with my couch for the rest of the day, now that I am done! I am intimidated enough by the marathon to stick to the plan. Hopefully all these crazy runs now will pay off on June 15th 🙂 Penne in vodka sauce—mmmmm. Good call!

  2. olivetorun on said:

    Always remember that quality runs are better than “junk miles” just to get them in.

    • I totally agree! I felt like this was an important run in building my long runs. I went slow and got it done. It was cold (and started to snow mid-run), which was actually really nice. The air felt really crisp and fresh and it made me feel better after being holed up in the house for 2 days. I would say it was quality until 11.5 miles. The last half mile was definitely “junk”. I was over it! haha- but I powered through since I was so close.

  3. When I’m sick, I usually take a break from working out to give my body a chance to recover. Good luck with your 12 miles today!

  4. I’m glad you got your run in…you’re so good! My fave pasta is fettucine alfredo:) Hope you’re finally starting to feel better today!

  5. Glad you got your run in! If the symptoms are from the neck up, I usually still do my workout but I keep the intensity light. I am a SLAVE to my training plan. Being this is my first marathon, I feel like I have to run EVERY mile. I’m sure you can relate =) Your meal looks so yummy! Do you deliver?? =)

    • ME TOO!!! I feel like I want to get to that start line knowing that I put in ALL the work and did ALL that I could to have the best race possible. The marathon intimidates me, haha.

      Sure, I’ll deliver 😉

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