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Oatmeal fail.

I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 9 and slept until 7 this morning. It.was.glorious.

Yesterday was such a busy day that included a field trip to the SPCA, lunch out with my NHS students, and a very cold walk back to the school. By the time I got home I was cold, tired, and hungry.   Luckily, my personal chef had dinner waiting: Whole wheat pasta with vodka sauce and diced tomatoes.  Such an easy, delicious meal.


After eating I went right up to bed and passed out. 

I woke up feeling well-rested and hungry.  I am getting ready to go out for 8 miles and wanted to eat my normal oatmeal: 1/4 cup oats, 3 egg whites, pumpkin, a banana, and lots of cinnamon.  One dash of cinnamon is just not enough for this cinnamon-loving girl, so when it ran out, I quickly realized that I needed to hurry up and open a new one.  I pulled it out of the cupboard, opened it up, and poured it all over my breakfast concoction. Yummy.  As I was putting it back, I realized that I had committed a major fail: I poured chili powder all over my oatmeal.  Seriously, they should change those containers so they look different.


Anyone could make this mistake.

I wonder how many poor consumers have committed the same mistake as me? How many bowls of oatmeal, cookie dough, and pieces of cinnamon toast have fallen victim to this horrible mix-up? 

Maybe I should contact McCormick…..


Heading out this morning for 8 miles.  I think I am going to go run at my favorite park.  I haven’t been there in awhile!

After my run, Brian and I have some work to do for a mission fundraiser that begins tomorrow at our church and then we are going to have dinner with our best friends, Kate and Mark. I can’t wait.



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8 thoughts on “Oatmeal fail.

  1. Your breakfast sounds yummy! I have yet to try pumpkin in oatmeal, I need to give it a whirl. I love your ‘nails’ fundraiser-what a neat idea!

  2. It is so good! Try it- you won’t be sorry!! We raised almost $500 in one Sunday!!! 🙂

    • Wow, 500! What a blessing!
      How much pumpkin (I assume pumpkin puree?) do you use? Do you put any other spices in?

      • An absolute blessing! God always funds His missions! I am so exited for the kids.

        Yes, I use pumpkin puree- a big scoop of it (I think it would probably be 1/4-1/2 cup). I mix it was 1/4 cup oats, 3 egg whites, cinnamon, and some type of fruit- usually a banana and some blueberries. I microwave it for 3 minutes and it is perfect. It comes out really cake-y, but that is how I like my oatmeal. If you like yours to have more of an oatmeal consistency, I would add some milk/water to the mix to get it to the consistency that you prefer. If I have a really long run, I’ll put some greek yogurt or PB on top for some extra sticking power. I’m obsessed with it. I literally can’t wait to eat it every morning, haha.

      • I dont know how I would feel about egg whites in my oatmeal =) I think tomorrow I may try cooking it the regular way on the stove and then adding in the pumpkin puree, some pumpkin spice, a little sugar and maybe some graham cracker crumbs?

      • That sounds delicious!! Did you have it this morning?!? How was it? I love the graham cracker crumb idea 🙂

      • I’m not an oatmeal-for-breakfast kind of gal. I actually usually like ‘main dish’ stuff for breakfast! =) I may try it for lunch or dinner today though. I had a one egg omelet with cheese and ham, some leftover broccoli and grapes for breakfast =)

  3. That sounds like an awesome breakfast! 🙂

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