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11 {rainy} miles

 Well, the good news is that I did not melt.

11 miles- in the rain- DONE.


Thumbs up before I went out the door!

This was my first official “long run” for marathon training and it felt good.  Even though it was cold and rainy, it was a great run. My mom bought me these running clothes for my birthday.  At least I don’t have to worry about being unseen! 😉 I love this jacket- it is warm, but not hot, and has thumb holes so I can pull it down over my hands.

I ran around my neighborhood and finished in 1:41:00 exactly.  Feeling strong. However, I need to get out and experiment with different routes when my runs get longer. I cannot imagine running 20 miles around my neighborhood- I would die of boredom. 

Before I left I had my oatmeal with a cut up banana, apple, and 3 egg whites mixed it.  It did its job and kept me full during my run.

By the time I got back, I was SOAKING wet and FREEZING.  I took a long shower and then refueled with grilled chicken tacos, salad, and a banana.


All my lunches and dinners are looking the same this week!

I need to focus on proper refueling during this marathon.  This is so hard for me- I usually have a bad stomach after my long runs.  If I eat immediately after and chug water, I tend to feel better. I am still feeling so cold, so it is hard to drink all my water. Plus, I caved and just drank 2 huge cups of coffee-an idiot move since caffeine dehydrates. Help! I am addicted to coffee….

Relaxing now and gearing up to go help at the Youth Spaghetti Dinner tonight at church.  Hoping for a good turn out and that they can raise a lot of money for their mission trip to Belize this summer! 

Happy Saturday!

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4 thoughts on “11 {rainy} miles

  1. VERY NICE!! Besides crazy wind, running in the rain is a very, very, very close 2nd on somethin I’d struggle with so much! Congrats!

  2. Nice job!! I’m training for my first marathon! I’m in week 10 of an 18 week program. I’ve been working on fueling before, during and after as well. Previous, I never ate before a training run of any length and NEVER ate during a run. (even up to 1/2 marathon distance though I DO eat a pb & j sandwich 2 hours before a race of any distance)…
    Anyway, I’ve found that so far, a 1/3-1/2 banana with a little smear of peanut butter (eaten about 20 min before the start of my run) is good enough for pre-fuel for anything over 13 miles (under that, I eat nothing ahead of time).
    For fuel during, I’ve been tryint out different gels (reviews are on my blog!) and have found I like Gu and PowerBar brand so far. I’ve found I feel MUCH better after my long runs since I’ve started to fuel DURING the run! No more post-run funky tummy. Who’d a thunk it? =)

  3. That is so awesome that you are training for your first marathon! So exciting 🙂 Wow, week 10- you are definitely in the thick of it!! Fueling is so tricky. It is so hard to balance out the proper nutrition. I am definitely going to have to check out your gels. For my first marathon I was never able to find one that I liked and ended up running the race without anything- big mistake! I hit the wall hard. My stomach just gets so wonky that it is hard, but I am determined to figure it out for this one! I have found that if I drink gatorade immediately after my long run, I feel much better. I think that properly refueling is the key. Thanks for the tip! I will read up on your blog and keep you posted after my run this weekend 🙂

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