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Doing ittttttt!

It’s official: I decided that I am GOING TO DO THE MARATHON.

Let the games begin…..

I will be running in the God’s Country Marathon.  It is about 3 hours from my house, so we are going to make a weekend out of it 🙂

I am so so so excited!! In my 28th month waiting for our adoption referral, it will be so good for me to focus on something else. 

This wait is making me do crazy things.

Let the games begin!!

This blog will be a fun way to document my training 🙂

I begin tomorrow with 11 miles.  I had hoped to go with my sister to the gym, but she has to work.  So, it will be a cold and rainy 11 miles.  At least that will motivate me to go fast 😉


After Weight Watchers last night my mom and I went to our favorite little sandwich shop.  We go there each week and get turkey sandwiches and indulge on homemade kettle chips.  The chips are shut-your-mouth good. So good. It is our little treat for the week!

This morning I did my normal run at 4.  It was just eh.  So funny how some days I can run and feel so strong, while other days are so eh.  I guess the bad runs make the good runs all that much better!

I was greeted by the most beautiful sunrise while pulling out of my development this morning.  It took my breath away.


God’s creation is gorgeous

I was so tempted to turn my car around, call out of work, change into my running clothes, and go for a long run.  It was a shame that such a moment had to be wasted by driving to work. Boo!

However, it was a good day today and I was definitely TingGIF!

After work, I did what I normally do on Friday evenings: clean my house.  Sounds so lame sauce (and it probably is), but it is so worth it to wake up on Saturday mornings to a clean house.  I can clean in about 2 hours on Friday, but for some reason it takes me all day on a Saturday. 

Beeker and I blitzed the house and now it is perfect. I *heart* a clean house in a big way.

Beeker had pizza for dinner. I really didn’t want to have that because I don’t need the extra calories, and I really wanted to eat something more nutritious.  So, I made myself a bbq chicken wrap and salad.


It was absolutely delicious and I am happy that I made a good choice and stayed on track.

Tomorrow will include my run then going to church to help cook and serve at the Youth Group Spaghetti Fundraiser (for their mission trip this summer)…should be yummy!


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2 thoughts on “Doing ittttttt!

  1. oooh VERY VERY exciting!!
    I will be here stalking your training!!

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