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When I run….

When I run, I feel so strong.  Seriously, I absolutely adore the feeling that I get after a nice run.  


Me and my friend Alyssa after my first half marathon. Hoorah.

Yesterday was one of those days that I just didn’t really feel like running.  I completed 30 miles this week, had a long week at work, and was just tired.  I contemplated just doing one mile and doing my 6 miles today.  I knew that I would be kicking myself today if I did that because I want to do 6 miles tomorrow on my day off.

I am so happy that I got out there and did my run, even though I didn’t feel like it.

I ran at a nice easy pace- around my neighborhood and up the the hill that Bri and I refer to as “the widow maker”. It was glorious.  Sometimes the best runs happen on the days that I do not *think* that I feel like running.  Turns out, once I get out there, I soar.  I did an easy 6.2 miles in 54 minutes. The weather was cold but comfortable. My music was good. My mind felt clear. I felt strong.  

When I run, I feel in control- I feel happy, confident, capable. So happy to be running.


Last night I drove out to Harrisburg with my mom to pick up my niece from her acting class. I bet you could travel the world all over and never meet someone like our Juliet.


Love her.

She is into acting and is taking an acting/modeling course with an agency.  So cool.

After my mom and I picked her up, we went to dinner at a little restaurant in Fleetwood.  It was good- I got a chicken caesar salad (boring).

I didn’t get home until 9 and was shocked that I was able to stay up late to watch SNL.  It always makes me feel cool if I can stay up late enough to watch SNL…..

This morning I slept in until 9 (who am I?), woke up and made this:


Mexican egg white scramble, refried beans, and sour cream.

I had to hustle to eat, run my one mile, and get ready for church.  I loved the service this morning, especially because we sang my favorite song, Cornerstone.

This song gets me every.single.time.

For lunch I made vegetable soup, a turkey and cheese wrap, and plain greek yogurt.


Luckily, a chipped mug has no effect on the taste of the soup 😉

Bri and I are having a lazy Sunday and planning a taco fiesta tonight. So happy I hustled and did my one mile before church today- it is freezing and so so so windy outside! Words cannot even begin to express that joy that I have knowing I have off tomorrow. Hallelujah. 

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2 thoughts on “When I run….

  1. I feel the exact same way as you when I run. That runner’s high is incredible and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!

    Your lunch looks great!!

  2. Yes, I LOVE the runner’s high, and need to remember that feeling when I am lacking motivation to get out the door!! 🙂

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