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Today was a fairytale.

Actually, the past 24 hours have been a fairytale.

Last night, we met our friends in Philly at an Ethiopian restaurant.  These friends are such wonderful people that we have met through our agency.  They have 3 little girls, their youngest just came home from Ethiopia this summer.  In fact, we first met their family when we went to Newark to welcome home their sweet daughter.


Welcoming home Romie in July!

We had such a nice dinner with them and loved hanging out with them and their sweet girls, eating Ethiopian food, and feeling encouraged.  It was a great date night! I can’t wait to hang out with them again.

We came home tired, full, and happy.  

Today was a fairytale.  We may- or may not- have played hooky from work. 27 months in and we wanted to have a lover’s day.  I slept in, made an mexican omelet for breakfast, and then did my run.

My run was good- I did 4 miles in 34:57.  I am pretty happy with how I am getting faster.  This run felt pretty easy, which is really saying a lot because I used to run 10 minute miles for my easy run.

After my run, we got ready to go our on our date day.  We went to see Silver Linings Playbook.  The movie? It was ok.  Pretty good.  The way my Bri held me during the movie? Absolute perfection.

After, we went to late lunch/early dinner at one of our favorite mexican restaurants.  I *heart* mexican food.


My fajitas. This place includes a little cheese quesadilla with the fajitas. Love love love

We stuffed ourselves on all of our favorites and used our date to talk about our life, our marriage, and our future.  I absolutely adore my husband.


My handsome date

Now we are home and thinking about what we are going to give up or do for Lent.  I am thinking of giving up sweets.  This would be so hard for me, so I think it is an appropriate sacrifice. Brian is still thinking of what he is going to do or give up.  We like the idea of doing something during Lent, too.

I can’t help but think and wonder what our life will be like at the end of Lent. Praying for the Lord to reveal our children’s faces to us during this time.  I know that through it all, we will do ALL things through Him.

For today…today was a fairytale.

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