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I have been thinking a lot about the term, “anchor”.  One of my favorite songs is Hillsong United’s “Cornerstone.”

My favorite line to the song is “My anchor holds within the veil.”  I love knowing that the Lord is my anchor.  Like a ship, even though storms may come that move me, my anchor keeps me in place.


I have definitely felt the storms come in the past couple of years.  Some days I feel absolutely whipped by the wind and the rain.  However, I know that no matter how hard the wind, no matter how much it reigns, my anchor will keep me in place.  My anchor will keep me from drifting out to sea.  My anchor will always be there, strong and steady.


Eats from yesterday:

Yesterday started out really great.

For breakfast, I had my standard oatmeal (1/4 old fashioned oats, pumpkin, 3 egg whites, banana and cinnamon)

Lunch was left over chili and plain greek yogurt with an orange.

I slept in, so I had to do my workout when I got home.  When I went upstairs to get changed, I spotted it:

The candy that Brian put in my Christmas stocking.

I tore into those suckers like there was no tomorrow.  Despite telling myself that I was “only going to have one”, I ended up eating the whole box! The box was 6 points! I should really calculate the points BEFORE I eat an entire box of anything.  Needless to say, I had my meat sauce sans pasta to make up for it at dinner. Blah.

After I ate my chocolate, I did my one mile and Jillian 6 weeks to 6 pack abs.  I ❤ that workout, so good! Made me feel a little less guilty for my chocolate attack.

Getting ready to go meet our friends from our agency for Ethiopian food in Philly!! Hooray!

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