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1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut: Change of Plans

So, I’ve had a change of plans.  After a little bit more research, I found a June marathon that is closer to home: the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Marathon in Philadelphia on June 15th.

The other day I was reading the reviews of God’s Country Marathon – one person wrote about the beautiful scenery along the way, mentioning that he/she saw “squirrels, deer, and a bear.”

Back the truck up.



Seriously, if I saw a bear while trying to run a marathon, I think I would have a legit heart attack.

That comment, coupled with the almost 4 hour travel each way, prompted me to see if there was another marathon around the same time closer to home. I’m not trying to run a marathon, not be on the next episode of “Man v. Wild,” thankyouverymuch.

After some research, I found the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Marathon.  Even though it is later in the month, and could therefore be much warmer, there are many things that I love about this marathon:

  • It is the day after the last day of school. A fun way to end the school year.
  • Closer to home = I do not have to ride in a car for 4 hours with marathon legs.
  • More of my family and friends can come to cheer me on. Yay!
  • The race seems really fun
  • The course is through Pennypack Park and is mostly shaded.
  • My name is Heidi, so that may earn me cool points with the German race organizers.

Awesome, right?  I am stupid excited about it.

So, with 2 more weeks, I am stepping back my training program 2 weeks back.  I am a sticker when it comes to training. I like to complete the program as prescribed.  I try to not miss one. single. run.  My thought behind this is that I don’t want to get to the start line and wonder how things would have been different if I had followed the plan.  Rather, I want to get to the start line knowing that I followed the plan to the letter- that I did everything I could to be as successful as possible.  



This morning was one of those good, strong runs.  I did 5 miles on my treadmill at home.  That treadmill is slowly dying. I can’t really complain, though. We got the treadmill for $75 last year on Craig’s List.  I wish we could afford a really beautiful, new treadmill for our home! My dream. For now, I am going to milk this sucker for all it is worth and then look for another cheap option to power my 4 am runs.

My eats this week have been pretty typical with my usual oatmeal for breakfast and crock pot veggies for lunch.

I wanted something different for dinner tonight and I have been craving sloppy joes lately.  So, tonight I made a healthier version- “Sloppy Janes”.  I got the recipe from Hungry Girl, and modified it a bit. I cooked up ground chicken with the following ingredients:

1 onion

1 red bell pepper

1 tsp. worcestershire sauce

3/4 jar tomato sauce

A little bit of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ


I sauteed all the ingredients together and served them on everything rolls with a salad. It was really good.  

I came home from work starving and mistakingly ate too much while cooking dinner- I hate when I do that- so I had mine sans roll.


Sloppy Janes

ImageAfter dinner we went to youth group and now we are home in bed like two old people. I am blogging and Brian is reading on my Kindle.

Woah, it’s almost 10.  We are really crazy. Better get to bed!



Fitness for the Week: Becoming Strong

This week will look like this:

Sunday: 1 mile run & 3 mile walk with Bertha 

Monday: 1 mile + Jillian yoga

Tuesday: 3 miles + push-ups/abs strength

Wednesday: 6 miles at marathon pace

Thursday: 3 miles + pus-ups/abs strength

Friday: 1 mile / off

Saturday: 12 miles!

I think the thing that I love the most about training for a race is the structure. I love having a schedule and being able to cross workouts off my list. Love the feeling of accomplishment I get after a week of strong workouts. I love building strength.

I love that I am a strong mom- I think this will be one of the greatest gifts that I give my babies. Throughout our journey I have been working on my strength- physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Our journey to our babies is SO hard, but SO blessed. This experience has allowed me to grow in ways that I never thought possible and has helped me to become closer to the Lord. We are in such a vulnerable, scary place as we wait for our referral. There is nothing that we, nor anyone else, can do it make it happen (unfortunately). Only God can make it happen.  Going through times like this in life- when you have no choice but to trust in the Lord-is both extremely humbling and extremely exhilarating. It allows you to trust in God in ways that you never knew possible- because there is no other choice. Even when I am weak, HE is strong.  One of my favorite verses is 2 Corinthians 12:9:

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest in me.

I have many weaknesses- and these weaknesses are just an opportunity for the Lord to do His thing! I choose to trust in the Lord.  I choose to cling to His promises.  I choose to glorify Him through it ALL.  I pray that our journey has allowed God’s glory to shine and that He has been honored and praised through our adoption. I pray that other people can see the Lord working through our story.  I pray that this is the week that we {finally} get to see our sweet babies’ faces.



The spaghetti dinner was so great last night. I was so proud of the kids- they worked so hard and were excellent servers! How wonderful to have 100+ members all join together to bless and support students desiring to serve the Lord through mission trips! The food was delicious- I dreamt about pasta last night! haha!

I woke up this morning extremely thirsty and so hungry.  I am determined to not overeat today!

For breakfast, made veggie and egg white scramble with sauteed baby potatoes. It was delicious and filling.


I wish I had time to make a breakfast like this during the week

Church was great- our pastor prayed with us at the alter- such a powerful prayer.  Of course, the tears were streaming. So many people are praying for us, with us, petitioning the Lord on behalf of our family. We are confident that God hears our prayers and is working in a mighty way right now.

After church, I came home and sauteed vegetables and ham for lunch. In the mix was red pepper, tomato, mushrooms, and spinach. I ate it with greek yogurt.  Very delicious.


























Tonight my mom is making stuffed steak for dinner- yum! Now she and I are headed out for our walk! 🙂 Dreaming of spring and warmer weather….



11 {rainy} miles

 Well, the good news is that I did not melt.

11 miles- in the rain- DONE.


Thumbs up before I went out the door!

This was my first official “long run” for marathon training and it felt good.  Even though it was cold and rainy, it was a great run. My mom bought me these running clothes for my birthday.  At least I don’t have to worry about being unseen! 😉 I love this jacket- it is warm, but not hot, and has thumb holes so I can pull it down over my hands.

I ran around my neighborhood and finished in 1:41:00 exactly.  Feeling strong. However, I need to get out and experiment with different routes when my runs get longer. I cannot imagine running 20 miles around my neighborhood- I would die of boredom. 

Before I left I had my oatmeal with a cut up banana, apple, and 3 egg whites mixed it.  It did its job and kept me full during my run.

By the time I got back, I was SOAKING wet and FREEZING.  I took a long shower and then refueled with grilled chicken tacos, salad, and a banana.


All my lunches and dinners are looking the same this week!

I need to focus on proper refueling during this marathon.  This is so hard for me- I usually have a bad stomach after my long runs.  If I eat immediately after and chug water, I tend to feel better. I am still feeling so cold, so it is hard to drink all my water. Plus, I caved and just drank 2 huge cups of coffee-an idiot move since caffeine dehydrates. Help! I am addicted to coffee….

Relaxing now and gearing up to go help at the Youth Spaghetti Dinner tonight at church.  Hoping for a good turn out and that they can raise a lot of money for their mission trip to Belize this summer! 

Happy Saturday!

Doing ittttttt!

It’s official: I decided that I am GOING TO DO THE MARATHON.

Let the games begin…..

I will be running in the God’s Country Marathon.  It is about 3 hours from my house, so we are going to make a weekend out of it 🙂

I am so so so excited!! In my 28th month waiting for our adoption referral, it will be so good for me to focus on something else. 

This wait is making me do crazy things.

Let the games begin!!

This blog will be a fun way to document my training 🙂

I begin tomorrow with 11 miles.  I had hoped to go with my sister to the gym, but she has to work.  So, it will be a cold and rainy 11 miles.  At least that will motivate me to go fast 😉


After Weight Watchers last night my mom and I went to our favorite little sandwich shop.  We go there each week and get turkey sandwiches and indulge on homemade kettle chips.  The chips are shut-your-mouth good. So good. It is our little treat for the week!

This morning I did my normal run at 4.  It was just eh.  So funny how some days I can run and feel so strong, while other days are so eh.  I guess the bad runs make the good runs all that much better!

I was greeted by the most beautiful sunrise while pulling out of my development this morning.  It took my breath away.


God’s creation is gorgeous

I was so tempted to turn my car around, call out of work, change into my running clothes, and go for a long run.  It was a shame that such a moment had to be wasted by driving to work. Boo!

However, it was a good day today and I was definitely TingGIF!

After work, I did what I normally do on Friday evenings: clean my house.  Sounds so lame sauce (and it probably is), but it is so worth it to wake up on Saturday mornings to a clean house.  I can clean in about 2 hours on Friday, but for some reason it takes me all day on a Saturday. 

Beeker and I blitzed the house and now it is perfect. I *heart* a clean house in a big way.

Beeker had pizza for dinner. I really didn’t want to have that because I don’t need the extra calories, and I really wanted to eat something more nutritious.  So, I made myself a bbq chicken wrap and salad.


It was absolutely delicious and I am happy that I made a good choice and stayed on track.

Tomorrow will include my run then going to church to help cook and serve at the Youth Group Spaghetti Fundraiser (for their mission trip this summer)…should be yummy!


Weight Watchers: It works.

It is no secret that I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. I joined nearly 9 years ago, lost 30 lbs, and have kept it off since then. Of course, I am in the “maintenance” stage of my weight loss, which is the most difficult in many ways.  Although I am a my “goal” weight,  I sometimes start going back to my old habits and need to reign it in.  After Christmas I noticed that I had gained about 5lbs, was mindlessly eating, and just felt way off track.  So, my mom and I committed to going to the meetings each week and really sticking to the program. Tonight, I earned a sticker to celebrate the fact that I lost 5 lbs.


My 5 lb sticker 🙂

Small victories.

I know that many different eating styles work for many different people.  I am 100% for whole food, intuitive eating and not obsessing about the number on the scale. However for me- Weight Watchers works.  It is like the “non-diet” diet.  I can truly say that it has become a way of life for me and when I stick to it- I am successful. So, thanks, WW, for the past 9 years- for helping me to gain confidence, achieve goals, and be the healthiest me. It works.

I would love love love to be a leader and encourage other people on their weight loss journey.  I am going to seriously research it this weekend!


Yesterday was a great day.  I woke up with 4 miles on my log book to do- and ended up running 5. I was wide awake at 3:30, so, instead of falling asleep for a half hour and wake up groggy, I just decided to get up and get going.  I had enough time to run 5 miles before 5 am and do a little weight routine with push ups and planks, all before I had to get in the shower and get dressed.  I absolutely adore the feeling of having a hard, sweaty workout completed before the sun rises.  So motivating.

For breakfast, I had my usual oatmeal concoction.


Lunch was crock pot veggies and egg whites with greek yogurt and an orange. I also added in a salad with my lunch. It is a good way for me to get extra veggies in and helps to make me feel more full.  With upping my mileage, I have really noticed that my appetite has increased. I want to focus on properly fueling my body for my workouts, while not overindulging. Such a difficult balance. Seriously, that line is so thin!

Brian and I had youth group at church and had to have a quick dinner.  I sauteed some chicken strips and make chicken tortilla wraps and salad. They turned out to be super yummy and filling. 


So happy that tomorrow is Friday: TGIF!!!

To marathon or not to marathon…that is the question.

Someone please punch me in the throat.  I am *thinking* of doing something I said that I would never do again- run a marathon.

I hate that I want to do this!! 

Beeker and I ran a marathon to raise money for our adoption in the fall of 2010.  It was an amazing experience and we were blessed by so much love and support from our family and friends. 


Some of our family that came to cheer us on


Isn’t our family the greatest!?


26.2 and we’re still smiling!

Our marathon was a painful great experience- but when it was over I said that I would NEVER run one again.  To me, it was one of those things that I could cross off of my bucket list and not revisit.  I loved running, but would stick to 1/2s. I told my family that if I tried to sign up for another marathon that they should punch me in the throat.

-Commence throat punching-

And now the justification:

Lately I have been feeling really strong in my runs and so in love with the sport.

Running makes me feel strong, confident, in control.

I really really really need something else to focus on instead of waiting for the phone to ring.

The race I want to run is only $55 and is on June 1st- the perfect date to get me through the end of the school year.

I am feeling up for a crazy challenge.

Good reasons, right?

Still, I need to talk it over with my biggest fan- I need his blessing.

I will make my decision by the end of the week!!

Now, I need to run and eat dinner (I am making pasta primavera) and get ready for Bible Study tonight! 🙂

Thank you, Mr. Presidents

As an American Government teacher, I believe that I have an above average appreciation for the Presidents.  Today, my love is OTT. Seriously loving the Presidents for giving me this day off 😉

Really, how great is a Sunday night when you know that you have Monday off? A fairytale. Last night was great.  Beeker made tacos for dinner and yummy yummy homemade sweet potato chips.


Our table all set for Taco Sunday.

I love when Beeker makes tacos – he lightens them up by using ground chicken and mixes in sauteed green peppers and diced tomatoes to the mix. So good.




Homemade sweet potato chips

Those sweet potato chips- holy yum. So hard to not go back for seconds on those!

I’ve given up sweets and having seconds at dinner for Lent.  Sounds so crazy, but I always have seconds and/or pick at leftovers after I’ve eaten my dinner.

Bri and I were trying to think of giving up something that the rest of the world does not have or enjoy.  I thought about how many people around the world do not have the luxury of having dinner, much less having enough for leftovers, so I decided to focus on not overindulging.  Even in just a few days, it has really opened my eyes to how much I have been eating after my “normal” plate at dinner!

Last night we watched “Killing on Lincoln” on the National Geographic Channel.  Nerds unite! I thought the acting was a little cheese ball, but liked it otherwise.

This morning I slept in to 7:30 (glorious), then got up and had egg whites and coffee.  Then, I got out the door for my 6 miles.  It was so so so cold and so windy! I felt like I was fighting the wind the ENTIRE time. Holy cow.  It was a great run, though.  I finished in 52:27 and felt confident! Feeling strong.

My sisters and mom also had off today, and we were supposed to do lunch. However, my sister Kristianna decided that it would be fun to come up and we could all work out together before we went to lunch- yay!!! 🙂 🙂

So, I came in from my run and got in the shower to wash off the “I just ran outside” smell off of me.  Seriously, isn’t that smell gross? By the time I got out, Kristianna and Holly were here!! Holly just makes my world so much brighter.  Love love LOVE her so much!


The Holly Dolly


This face…

We did a sister’s workout – Jillian’s 6 week 6 pack abs level 1.  I usually use 5 lb weights, but only had 2.  I let Kristianna and Ree use the 5 lb and I used the 10 lb.  Whew! Tough!

After showers and Holly kisses, we were so hungry, so we all headed to Salad Works with our mom.  I created my own salad with chicken, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, and bacon bits.  I also had butternut squash soup on the side.  Holy mackerel.  That butternut squash soup is life changing.  I will be dreaming about it now…

We decided to check out a new Marshalls- and guess who did not buy anything for herself? THIS girl! Beeker will be so proud….

Making ham and vegetables for dinner and pretending that I do not have to go to work tomorrow.  I can’t complain, though.  Today was ah-mazing.  Thanks, Presidents.

February 17th Fitness for the Week

Sunday: 1 mile (off)

Monday: 6 miles

Tuesday: 1 mile + Jillian 6 pack

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 1 mile + Jillian

Friday: 4 miles

Saturday: 8 miles 

When I run….

When I run, I feel so strong.  Seriously, I absolutely adore the feeling that I get after a nice run.  


Me and my friend Alyssa after my first half marathon. Hoorah.

Yesterday was one of those days that I just didn’t really feel like running.  I completed 30 miles this week, had a long week at work, and was just tired.  I contemplated just doing one mile and doing my 6 miles today.  I knew that I would be kicking myself today if I did that because I want to do 6 miles tomorrow on my day off.

I am so happy that I got out there and did my run, even though I didn’t feel like it.

I ran at a nice easy pace- around my neighborhood and up the the hill that Bri and I refer to as “the widow maker”. It was glorious.  Sometimes the best runs happen on the days that I do not *think* that I feel like running.  Turns out, once I get out there, I soar.  I did an easy 6.2 miles in 54 minutes. The weather was cold but comfortable. My music was good. My mind felt clear. I felt strong.  

When I run, I feel in control- I feel happy, confident, capable. So happy to be running.


Last night I drove out to Harrisburg with my mom to pick up my niece from her acting class. I bet you could travel the world all over and never meet someone like our Juliet.


Love her.

She is into acting and is taking an acting/modeling course with an agency.  So cool.

After my mom and I picked her up, we went to dinner at a little restaurant in Fleetwood.  It was good- I got a chicken caesar salad (boring).

I didn’t get home until 9 and was shocked that I was able to stay up late to watch SNL.  It always makes me feel cool if I can stay up late enough to watch SNL…..

This morning I slept in until 9 (who am I?), woke up and made this:


Mexican egg white scramble, refried beans, and sour cream.

I had to hustle to eat, run my one mile, and get ready for church.  I loved the service this morning, especially because we sang my favorite song, Cornerstone.

This song gets me every.single.time.

For lunch I made vegetable soup, a turkey and cheese wrap, and plain greek yogurt.


Luckily, a chipped mug has no effect on the taste of the soup 😉

Bri and I are having a lazy Sunday and planning a taco fiesta tonight. So happy I hustled and did my one mile before church today- it is freezing and so so so windy outside! Words cannot even begin to express that joy that I have knowing I have off tomorrow. Hallelujah. 


Did you know that adoptive parents dread the weekend?  Weird, huh?

Well, the agency is closed on the weekends, which means that there will not be any news of referrals and our phone will not ring.  Such a bummer knowing we have to wait for 2 more days to hear anything.

This wait is excruciating.

The good news is that God is not closed on the weekends.  He is still working to intertwine our story with the story of our children.  He is moving in a mighty way to bring our children into our lives.  I just know it.  My heart knows this; I just have to keep reminding my head that God is in control and that He is not letting us go.

So hard.

Going out for 6 miles to pray, give thanks to God for how He is working, and to shake it out.

Gotta shake it out.


Yesterday was a pretty typical day of eating.  I woke up, ran 4 hard miles, and had my oatmeal concoction.

Lunch was in my mini-crockpot and was so delish.  I finally took a photo of my typical lunch.  I made a crock pot chili with 3 egg whites on top and ate it with plain greek yogurt.  So good- so filling.


My crock pot concoction. So good.


How cute is this little crock pot? My mom got it for me last Christmas and I love it. It plugs into the wall (the plug curls around it and is hidden on the bottom), and gives me a hot, healthy, filling lunch every day.

Yesterday was a half day for the kids, with a professional development in the afternoon.  When I got home from work, I was greeted by my nieces and nephews, who were here with my mom.  So fun to come home to a full house of kiddies <3.  They stayed for dinner- I made a vegetable soup that was a crowd pleaser!

When they left around 8 pm, we decided to put on a movie: “Flight” with Denzel Washington.  What was I thinking? I should know that I am not that cool on a Friday night.  Yep, I fell asleep half way through.  So cool.  By the time I woke up, the movie was over, my neck was stiff, and my contacts were wreaking havoc on my eyes. It felt so good to go to sleep and not wake up until 7:30 this morning.

I woke up and made this:


Egg white omelet with toast and coffee. Don’t be jealous of my “I love teaching” mug.

Up for today? 6 miles, finish cleaning the house, then driving out to Harrisburg to pick my soon-to-be-famous niece, Juliet, up from her acting class.

Trying to make the most of the weekend!

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