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Life is so funny.

The cutest Jennie wrote a blog entitled “Time Machines in the Dark.”  Jennie, Sam, and I all met at 5 am for a run in the dark…

Sam, a new homeowner, preparing for her wedding next month.

Jennie, a superstar mama to the cutest little Button.

And me, preparing for motherhood waiting for the phone call.

Three women at different stages in our lives, with different experiences, and yet…so much the same.  I love how we can meet, start running, and just let our conversation take us. For those 4 miles we chatted, we laughed, and we may have even cried.  Jennie, you are so right…it was like a time machine.  Although, you are a professional blogger and so much better at capturing the moment.  Good thing people read your blog and not mine.


Such pretty girls.  Obviously I didn’t get the hat memo.

I’m a dork (duh), but I have to say what a THRILL it was for me to run with these girls!! Jennie talks about a time machine; however, the thing is…..if we did have a time machine, and went back to high school, there is NO WAY I’d be running with those girls.  Jennie and Sam are, and always have been, so beautiful.  They were the thin girls in high school, the athletic ones. I was certainly NOT an athlete in school.

I received a DNF in the mile run because I went over the 20 minute cut off.  True story.

That is one of the reasons why running is so rewarding for me.  I sometimes still cannot believe that I am doing it, that I was able to go from an overweight, self-conscious teenager to a healthy, active runner.  If I were to tell my high school self that I would be running 4 MILES with Sam and Jennie, I would not believe it.

Life is funny.

I am so glad that I got the memo to not “wish” things to happen, but to MAKE them happen.  I spent my high school years wishing I was like my friends: athletic and confident.  Thank God I realized that if I worked for it, I could do it. I need to remind myself of this now when I think I am not thin enough, not fast enough, etc.  I need to remind myself of what I have become and what I can do if I am willing to work for it.

Love that.

Another thing I love?  My breakfast this morning.  So good.

I am following Jamie Eason’s 12 week Live Fit trainer with some of my fellow adoptive moms on our FB group.  I am prepping my arms to carry TWO babies! The diet plan is pretty intense, and calls for 5 egg whites and a carb every morning and 5 egg whites at night. It is good, but seriously with the egg whites? Girl, please.

The egg white thing was getting to me, so recently I decided to get creative with my breakfasts and make “protein pancakes.”  After I came back from my run, I hit up the weights (chest and triceps).  By the time I was finished, my stomach was raging.

I combined 1/2 c. old fashioned oats, 5 egg whites, and cinnamon in the magic bullet to create my “batter”.  Then, I cooked them on the skillet and added in fresh berries: blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.


As Beeker would say, Shut your face.  SO good. Maybe I went a little overboard with the inexpensive flowers at Produce Junction yesterday. Those babies were only $2.

I delightfully ate my breakfast at my dining room table, cheezin it at how happy I feel this morning.

Big number drop on our adoption list




A run and walk down memory lane with 2 sweeties, a leisurely breakfast, and time to do my Bible Study. Why can’t every morning be like this?  Too bad going work has to cramp my style.

I have youth group tonight, but I wonder what the rest of the day will hold?

Life is good {and funny}.

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2 thoughts on “Life

  1. This is amazing. Your blog is so good I am laying in bed crying. I had the worst day. Thank you for picking me up and making me feel good. I love you. God brought us back together at the right time, I need friends like you and Sam more than ever!

    • Thanks!! I am so sorry that you had a bad day. God has brought us back together at just the right time!! Love you!

      PS: not sure why I spelled your name on the link with a “y” originally, but I fixed it to the correct spelling. Derp. Again, good thing no one else reads my blog, ha.


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