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Happy Birthday to my beshdaba.

This is the birthday season for our house!  It starts on December 1 (Alex) and goes to December 2 (Beek), December 11 (Kristianna), January 4 (Broc), January 5 (Donna) January 7 (Ree), January 27 (Bob) January 28 (me) and January 31 (Juliet)!  Wow!

This Wednesday we celebrated Broc’s 3rd Birthday.

Seriously, is he not the cutest thing ever!?!

This kid just melts my heart.  I almost died when, while waiting patiently to open his presents, he said, “Let’s get this party started!”  So cute.  He makes me want to have a son like WOAH.

Thursday was Beek’s mom’s birthday!  We celebrated with her by singing over the phone!

The beek and his mom

It was great to celebrate with them and to thank God for the blessing that they are in our lives!

This was a busy week, filled with work, 4 am runs, and birthday celebrations!

The celebrations continue today, as it is my littlest sister’s, Annmarie, 22nd birthday.  Seriously!? How can she be 22???  I remember her when she was like this:

3rd grade, french maid. Duh.

And this:

First day of school

I feel like I have always been 2 things:

1.  A teacher

2.  A mom

Seriously, when we were growing up, I was all about these girls.  Both of them learned how to read due to Kate and my’s summer school curriculum, and I had them follow a strict bedtime routine.  We all shared one big room and our routine looked like this:

  • Get our last snack (our 58th of the day)
  • Brush our teeth, put on pajamas
  • Say goodnight to mommy and daddy
  • Push all three of our single beds together into one big bed
  • Snuggle
  • First recite the Lord’s Prayer together
  • At the end of the Lord’s Prayer, we each would recite our own prayer.  I began with my prayer, and then I would monitor the girls to make sure their prayers were heart-felt enough, long enough, and did not copy mine.  If they did, I would tell them to say it again in their own words.  Wow, I was a psycho.
  • After prayer time, it was time to practice the books of the Bible.  We would sing a song that listed all of them in order. It’s true.  Kristianna performed it once for the school talent show…it was the highlight of my life that year.
  • After the books of the Bible, we would conclude with our worship songs.  The three of us would lay there and sing our favorite praise songs, which was usually, “Father I Adore You.”  I think we liked this one the most since it had hand movements to go along with it.  Seriously, can you imagine three little girls laying in bed lifting their hands and doing the motions while singing, “Father I adore you.  Lay my life before you, how I looooooove you.”  Adorable, then I would say, “Okay girls, this time with feeling!!”  Then you would hear: “Jesus I adore you…..” and on it went.  We loved it, and I would lay there smiling at how proud of was of the girls. ha.
  • Once we said our prayers, recited the books of the Bible, and completed our time of worship, it was time to snuggle up and get to sleep.  Ree Ree would put her little butt, in her Tweety Bird PJs, right into my stomach, Kristianna would be snuggled up behind me, and off to sleep we would go. Perfection.
This makes me laugh every time I think about it.  I really ran a tight ship, huh?!?  Haha.  We loved each other so much, and still do.  My family means EVERYTHING to me, and I truly treasure those memories.  I would always call Ree my “baby girl” which somehow turned into my “Beshdaba”.  So, that was my nickname for her growing up.  I would always tell her that she is my beshdaba, and I would do anything for her.
Funny thing is that although we are now adults, I still feel the same way.  I wish that we could always all be together, every night, push our beds together, sing songs, and snuggle.  I’m kidding……Kinda.
I treasure our family, our memories, and the love that we have for each other.  I hope, pray, and wish that our Bella can have a sibling or siblings so that they can share the same love for each other.  Our family is very special, we’re sort of a big deal.
Today, on my Beshdaba’s 22nd Birthday and always, I am so proud of the woman that my sister has become.  She went from being a little girl who loved Tweety Bird, The Spice Girls, and to lay on the couch with mommy, to a smart, independent, compassionate young woman who is about to graduate from college and take the world by storm!


Happy, Happy Birthday, Annmarie!  You will forever be my beshdaba!! ❤

While I wait for the birthday girl to get here, I am headed out for a 6.2 mile run 🙂  Tonight, the family will be coming over and Bertha will cook the birthday girl’s requested dinner: meatloaf (weird), mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and homemade oreo  ice cream cake for dessert.

Maybe I should run twice.

Happy Saturday!

PS: I may or may not  make Beeker do the same routine each night.


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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my beshdaba.

  1. Kate McKee on said:

    Those were the good old days! Loved this entry!

  2. OMG i finally got on this this morning I was always going to word press instead of all things. I am sitting here at dawns crying, this is so beautiful. I love this, this is soooooo beautiful thats all I can say. I love you.

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