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Counting sheep.

Counting sheep does not work.  I was awake for what seemed like the entire night last night.  I tried counting sheep, praying, tossing, turning, everything.  I woke up every 37 minutes…fact.  When my alarm finally went off at 3:58 am, I thought to myself, “thank GOD I do not have to deal with this night anymore!”  Not sure what my problem was.

I woke up cheery and ready to run.  Beeker and I did a quick one miler (I wore 3 sweatshirts and felt like I was roasting myself to death), and then I came in and finished up my workout.  I did:

Jillian Michaels 3o day shred, week one .  I have the biggest girl crush on Jillian.

Pull-up and ab circuit:

15 assisted pull-ups

25 stability ball roll-outs

25 stability ball knee tucks

25 seconds of plank on stability ball

25 on each side waist bend overs (10 lbs weights)

Repeated 3 xs.

By the end I was appropriately sweaty and ready to start the day!  I was almost as sweaty as I was during our trip this summer to NYC…almost.

On the ferry to Ellis Island. Seriously, we were boiling.

On freezing cold days like today it is so hard to imagine it being warm outside!


It was a good first day back and did well with my meals.


Pumpkin protein oatmeal (1/2 c. old fashioned oats, 3 egg whites, banana, and a pound of cinnamon)

Morning snack:

Hardboiled egg, necterine


Salad with loads of veggies and tuna, 2 clementines


I always pack an apple for the ride home, but when I got home I was starving.  So, I snacked on trail mix and made some steamed spinach to hold me over until Beeker gets home from dinner.  My challenge is to quit eating when I walk in the door. Seriously, I could stand at the cupboard, with my coat still on, and just pile in the the food!  Ugh!


Vegetable chili! Can’t wait 🙂

Hopefully tonight will include a full night’s sleep and no sheep.

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2 thoughts on “Counting sheep.

  1. Kristianna on said:

    I pray for no sheep tonight for you! I wish I could eat like you. You’re so good!

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