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2012: This is the year I WILL…..

As I said before, I am a blogaholic…..While reading on of my favorite blogs, the Fitnessista, www.fitnessista.com, I was prompted to make an “inspiration board” for 2012.  She makes one each year as a way to spell out her specific goals and to keep herself on track for the rest of the year.  I really loved this idea and decided that I would like to make one for 2012.  Since this is *hopefully* the year that we will be bringing our baby (or babies!) home, I figured that this would be a fun thing to do.

Well, I never thought Beeker would want to make one, so I told Bertha about doing it with me.  She replied, “sure, make me one.”  Once I explained to her that I cannot make HER inspiration board, that she was going to have to do it herself, she replied, “okayyyyy.”  I could tell that in her head she was thinking “oh, God.  This is what I get for having a daughter who is a teacher; now I have a project to do on a Friday night.”  hahaha.

Beeker and I went out to the store to get posterboards and a movie and were ready to go!  I gathered all of our old magazines and started paging through them to get inspiration.  As we sat down, Beeker said that he would make one.  I was so happy…..

When we first began, we were all kind of laughing at how silly it was to be doing this on a Friday night.  Well…it was actually so fun! The three of us were sprawled out in the living room, happily cutting pictures/words out and gluing them on our boards. We did it for nearly 3 hours and had a really good time.  Both Beeker and Bertha begrudgingly admitted that they enjoyed themselves.  See, teacher knows best, ha.

We decided to hang our inspiration boards on the pantry door in the kitchen, as a way to keep ourselves accountable.  Here they are:

Beeker's Inspiration Board

My Inspiration Board

Bertha's Inspiration Board

We are celebrating the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.  I loved spelling out my goals for this year and hope that 2012 is the best year yet!  Beeker and I are going for a 10 mile run to celebrate, and then we are off to Kate and Mark’s for their second annual New Years Eve Party!  It should be a blast!

Happy New Year!  Here’s to a year filled with God’s grace, love and blessings!!

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2 thoughts on “2012: This is the year I WILL…..

  1. Kate McKee on said:

    I really want to make one… Is that copying?

  2. Do it! You will love it! I can’t wait to see yours 🙂 xoxoxo

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