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An adoptive mom who loves Christ, family, running, fitness, and all things health related.


As I am sitting here eating breakfast, I am thinking about how humbling the adoption process is.  God always provides and always funds his missions, and we have seen this first hand.  It is very humbling to reach out to family, friends, strangers and ask for help.  I Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.”  I love the encouragement that we have felt during this process. We have not only been built up, but very often, HELD up by many different people!

I have felt 9 months pregnant for the past year….

I am trying to funnel my frustrations of our wait into something positive:  strengthening our faith in God, our marriage, my running, and my family relationships….all while depending on God and the people that I love to encourage me and hold me up.  Yup, very humbling for someone who likes to do it all.

Not sure what is on tap for today!  One thing is for sure: I am back on track with my eating!  I ate really well yesterday, and plan on keeping that trend going today!  I feel SO much better when I am eating clean and in control!  I’m also getting psyched up for my workout.  Since I want to do a long run tomorrow (10 miles!), I am just going to do 5 or less today, followed by some abs.

Also, I am thinking about doing an “inspiration board” with all of my goals for 2012.

Can you guess what my #1 goal is?!  Yup, to see my baby’s face!! duh. 🙂

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