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2012: This is the year I WILL…..

As I said before, I am a blogaholic…..While reading on of my favorite blogs, the Fitnessista, www.fitnessista.com, I was prompted to make an “inspiration board” for 2012.  She makes one each year as a way to spell out her specific goals and to keep herself on track for the rest of the year.  I really loved this idea and decided that I would like to make one for 2012.  Since this is *hopefully* the year that we will be bringing our baby (or babies!) home, I figured that this would be a fun thing to do.

Well, I never thought Beeker would want to make one, so I told Bertha about doing it with me.  She replied, “sure, make me one.”  Once I explained to her that I cannot make HER inspiration board, that she was going to have to do it herself, she replied, “okayyyyy.”  I could tell that in her head she was thinking “oh, God.  This is what I get for having a daughter who is a teacher; now I have a project to do on a Friday night.”  hahaha.

Beeker and I went out to the store to get posterboards and a movie and were ready to go!  I gathered all of our old magazines and started paging through them to get inspiration.  As we sat down, Beeker said that he would make one.  I was so happy…..

When we first began, we were all kind of laughing at how silly it was to be doing this on a Friday night.  Well…it was actually so fun! The three of us were sprawled out in the living room, happily cutting pictures/words out and gluing them on our boards. We did it for nearly 3 hours and had a really good time.  Both Beeker and Bertha begrudgingly admitted that they enjoyed themselves.  See, teacher knows best, ha.

We decided to hang our inspiration boards on the pantry door in the kitchen, as a way to keep ourselves accountable.  Here they are:

Beeker's Inspiration Board

My Inspiration Board

Bertha's Inspiration Board

We are celebrating the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.  I loved spelling out my goals for this year and hope that 2012 is the best year yet!  Beeker and I are going for a 10 mile run to celebrate, and then we are off to Kate and Mark’s for their second annual New Years Eve Party!  It should be a blast!

Happy New Year!  Here’s to a year filled with God’s grace, love and blessings!!



As I am sitting here eating breakfast, I am thinking about how humbling the adoption process is.  God always provides and always funds his missions, and we have seen this first hand.  It is very humbling to reach out to family, friends, strangers and ask for help.  I Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.”  I love the encouragement that we have felt during this process. We have not only been built up, but very often, HELD up by many different people!

I have felt 9 months pregnant for the past year….

I am trying to funnel my frustrations of our wait into something positive:  strengthening our faith in God, our marriage, my running, and my family relationships….all while depending on God and the people that I love to encourage me and hold me up.  Yup, very humbling for someone who likes to do it all.

Not sure what is on tap for today!  One thing is for sure: I am back on track with my eating!  I ate really well yesterday, and plan on keeping that trend going today!  I feel SO much better when I am eating clean and in control!  I’m also getting psyched up for my workout.  Since I want to do a long run tomorrow (10 miles!), I am just going to do 5 or less today, followed by some abs.

Also, I am thinking about doing an “inspiration board” with all of my goals for 2012.

Can you guess what my #1 goal is?!  Yup, to see my baby’s face!! duh. 🙂

A mile a day.

Rather than write an introduction post, I decided to just get started posting to my blog!  After becoming a “blogaholic” over the past couple of months, I have decided to start my own blog as a way to track my own health and fitness endeavors.  I would like to use this to keep myself accountable with my eating and running, and as a way to track my journey to our Bella (and possibly Bella’s brother or sister) this year!

This blog will chronicle our journey to Ethiopia, as we adopt our daughter, Bella (and possibly a brother or sister) home forever into our arms!  It will cover “all things” that go on in our lives….knowing that we can do “all things through Christ who gives us strength.” (Phil. 4:13).

After Thanksgiving I decided to join in Runner’s World “Holiday  Streak” by running at least one mile everyday from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I enjoyed this challenge as a way to keep myself accountable during the holiday season and to keep up with my running.  Running as been so therapeutic for me as I wait for our Bella.  My husband, Brian, and I ran a marathon last year to raise money for our adoption, and we have continued running since then.

I know that it may sound weird, but when I run, I feel closer to my Bella.  I can feel her, I talk to her, and it makes me feel calmer on my “crazy” days.

When we ran the marathon last fall, we thought for sure that our Bella would be home for this Christmas.  However, this Christmas we are still on the waiting list in the Ethiopia program of our agency, All God’s Children International.  Currently, we are #31 on the girls list and #6 on the sibling list.  This fall we felt so desperate and so upset, waiting for God to give us the gift of our child(ren).  We are so.so.so.SO.ready!  As we wait, we draw support from our family, our friends, and our church.  My mom has been so supportive throughout these past couple of months, when the waiting seemed so difficult.  On Christmas morning, my mom surprised us with a poem and told us about a secret fundraiser that she started.  We are going to get a 1,000 piece puzzle and sell each puzzle piece for $10.  When we sell a piece, we will write the donor(s) name on the back.  My mom will put together the puzzle and we will hang it in a special frame, that showcases both the front and the back of the puzzle.  When Bella comes home, we will complete the puzzle, as she will complete our hearts!  We had been talking about doing this for awhile…..little did we know that my mom already started it for us!  She surprised us on Christmas morning with enough donations to pay for one plane ticket to Ethiopia!! PRAISE GOD!  We are so blessed to have so many people in our life that love us and love our child(ren) so much already! Thank you, mama, for being the best…you are amazing!! ❤


Bri and I were absolutely surprised and just felt so loved on Christmas morning.  We were buzzing!! So, we decided to go for a Christmas morning run!  On the run we talked all about our amazing family and about our hopes and dreams for the future.  THANK YOU to everyone that has helped us to bring our child(ren) home to us.  We cannot even begin to tell everyone what your donations, thoughts, prayers, encouragement, listening, love….everything has meant to us.  We are on a long journey, but feel so encouraged by everyone in our lives.

During our run, I decided that I am going to keep my running streak going and run at least one mile everyday until our Bella (plus maybe a brother or sister!!) come home.  It is my way of connecting to my child(ren) and to God.  I cannot wait for the day that I can stop running, because that means that my baby (or babies) are in my arms FOREVER!

I will keep up with “All Things” in my life through this blog, knowing that it is through HIM that I can do ALL THINGS.  Thanks for reading.

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